Application treasure in September Mobile Games report new competitive China animation IP into

Application treasure in September Mobile Games report: new competitive   China animation IP into the main game — original title: September report: new applications treasure Mobile Games competition era: "eternal ring" one-day break 4 million and 10 revenue 9, Tencent application treasure released in September 2016 Mobile Games report, the report shows that in September the new online games market ushered in a large outbreak 7 dark horse Mobile Games and especially the quality not only have strong gold absorption capacity, at the same time, double income among the download list. In addition, the eternal era: ring in the application of treasure channel single day revenue break 4 million mark, becoming the September online games market is definitely the star tour. In September the new single market, IP has become the leading force China animation. 7 are among the top double comprehensive strength can not be underestimated in the online tour rankings, "musketeers of the world" "Qingyun Zhi" "exploration situation" "onmyoji" Tomb "greatly" chaos "dawn light", "Three Kingdoms" and other strong defense Mobile Games occupy the download, double income list seats, 7 not only Mobile Games high quality, but also have strong gold absorption capacity, in September to become the comprehensive ability of outstanding new Mobile Games. This is the list for the first time in 7, while among the top double grand tour. And "Qingyun Zhi" by means of the hit TV series, was born quickly among the new online download list second and list fourth of the income of success. In addition, with Japanese style and turn RPG Mobile Games "onmyoji", by the attention and sought after game player for diverse gameplay extreme aestheticism style, classic and innovative, to get the download list fourth, list third revenue results. "Three Kingdoms" with strong exposure defense applications treasure homemade programs — nine of the star TV network "APP Fengyun Bang" show rapid rise into the online tour standings TOP10. "Eternal era: the ring" one-day single channel revenue myth in online games hot list in TOP10, a new generation of national Mobile Games "ghost story" the success of the summit online download list and get hot, hot online games revenue list seventh. In August, "a Chinese ghost story" from the download list ninth jumped to the top, mainly due to the TV drama "smiled very little" hit, through the depth of implantation of the whole drama, "a Chinese ghost story" quickly captured a large fan game player. MMORPG Mobile Games "world Musketeers" for 20 years from the classic "JX" series, online games are not only one gains the download list first, more popular among online download list ninth. In addition, the popular online download list fourth, list third income RPG Mobile Games era: "eternal ring", in the application of treasure income channels in a single day following the last cracked 2 million after doubling again, breaking the 4 million mark, a strong one-day refresh single channel flow records, "the eternal era: the ring" ultra strong gold absorption capacity to become in September Mobile Games market absolute star Mobile Games. Single class Parkour Mobile Games "crazy zoo" counter attack dengbang in single Mobile Games ranking, September single Mobile Games downloads and revenue list in August compared to list change, download, revenue in the top three in place, fishing, and eliminate Mobile Games have become the main force of single Mobile Games, continuous suction gold. Parkour + business simulation Mobile Games "Crazy" as a new zoo last month is increasing rapidly, not only)相关的主题文章: