Are Everyday Heroes A Daily

Humor Tamien Bain was fourteen when he and two friends robbed a McDonald’s. Tamien was tried as an adult and served twelve years in prison. Unlike some prisoners, he didn’t find Jesus. He found music. Now twenty-nine, Tamien is known as Miami rapper "BAING The Locksmith"; and he knows it’s never too late to be a hero. BAING started "Real Talk", a program which brings rappers to youth detention centers to talk about their mistakes and to share their music. BAING’s latest music is a jingle which qualified him as one of five contest finalists. When BAING turned his life around, he turned in a .plete circle. The jingle was for McDonald’s. Joel Armstrong was sitting in his second-floor, Spokane office when he saw that a duck had laid ten eggs in the awning outside his window. The day after the eggs hatched the mother duck jumped ten feet to the sidewalk. After the first duckling jumped, it lay limp on the sidewalk. That’s when Joel jumped into action. With a friend telling him when each duckling jumped, Joel caught the remaining nine. Then, after the first duckling surprisingly revived, Joel put them all in a box and carried them to the river. When the mother duck waddled into the river, all ten ducklings followed. Obviously, this would be a better world if none of us ducked responsibility. Sean Tevis is a Web designer who wanted to run for political office. After being told he needed $26,000 to campaign against the incumbent Kansas state representative, Sean went door-to-door. Two weeks, $25 and two dog bites later he decided to use his Web skills. Sean posted a stick-figure cartoon on line. In "Running for Office" a political advisor tells Sean it’s easy to raise $26,000. He just needs fifty-two people to donate $500 each. Unconvinced, Sean keeps breaking $26,000 down until he gets to three thousand people donating $8.67. Less than a day later Sean reached his goal – proving small change can make big change. Rochelle Behrens is a 25-year-old Washington lobbyist by day. By night she literally bridged the gap to clothes designer. Tired of having a gap between the buttons of her dress shirts, Rochelle designed a shirt with hidden buttons. Because these buttons button through the interior side of the shirt’s placket, the shirt looks normal from the outside. Rescuing women from bra-showing gaps made her a her-o. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: