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Around the Beijing property market hot   regional regulation calls — Finance — original title: Beijing surrounding the property market hot region regulation calls "the end of last year the price was 9000 yuan a square metre, now rose to 15 thousand yuan." In Xianghe, a sales center, the staff told the China Securities Journal reporter said that there is a strong rise in house prices expected. The day before, found Chinese Securities newspaper reporter visited a number of projects in the surrounding areas of Beijing, Beijing region market transactions, prices continued rising trend. Insiders said that due to the relocation industry, to the inventory and credit volume and other factors, housing prices have been rising wave, but regulators should let prices rise in the normal range. Beijing and other cities can try to build two urban and suburban markets, respectively, management, in order to stabilize prices and market expectations. Surrounding areas active first tier cities purchase policy tightening is expected, so that the surrounding area and part of the second tier cities to usher in a wave of real estate boom. Recently, the Shanghai regulatory policy to further tighten the rumors, so that local volume growth. Enjoysmart Institute think tank center data show that in August 30th, a number of suburban real estate transactions very active part of the price of 20 thousand square meters to 30 thousand square meters of real estate is activated. This is similar to China Securities News reporter the surrounding areas of Beijing have seen. Located in Hebei, Langfang Province, a real estate sales staff, said: the recent sales situation is very good. The last opening, more than and 500 sets of houses have been basically completed. The current price is about 17 thousand square meters. The next time the opening price may continue to rise, the future appreciation of space." In Xianghe, sales are more fiery. In the sales center, a lot of property buyers and sales staff immediately after the appointment of a row of cards, but some people see prices rise too fast and some hesitation. At the end of last year, the price was only 9000 yuan square meters, and now has risen to a total of 15 thousand square meters." Sales staff, 60% people in Xianghe are working in Beijing, the number of foreign buyers in Xianghe has more than local people. At the beginning of Hebei Province issued a "residence in Hebei province implementation measures (Trial)", pointed out that the way around the capital, Zhuozhou, Sanhe, Xianghe, Yongqing, Guan, Dachang, Huailai, according to the actual, comprehensive legal stable occupation, a stable legal residence, participate in social insurance experience and other factors, reasonably determine the settled conditions. Urban comprehensive carrying pressure, can be combined with the actual situation, the establishment of a residence permit points settled system. The rapid rise in the property market in the early part of the Beijing region, but also makes the Langfang municipal government issued a real estate purchase policy, the provisions of the purchase of housing and differential housing credit policy. In the purchase of the policy implementation process, Xianghe, Guan and other places have also introduced the rules. Xianghe property market also requires the implementation of the purchase details of the pre-sale management and examination and approval system for real estate projects within 3 months after the record shall not be price adjustment. Insiders said that the central region is basically from Beijing buyers. In the case of Guan, in the south of Beijing area started relatively early, and near Beijing. North County, the purchase, the)相关的主题文章: