Asia inter service war hand travel for Three Kingdoms, IOS version of the official

Asia inter service war hand travel to seek the three countries, iOS version of the official on-line cross-border inter service battle with the Asian players with the three kingdoms. Authentic strategy game masterpiece "Three Kingdoms" and iOS version on October 28th officially landed App Store, invite you together with the world. "Three Kingdoms" is a Three Kingdoms background style of war strategy game. Game player can build their own in the game’s main city, and by the generals to develop arms and develop constantly improve their own strength, and seize the city, covers an area of three counties in the real map render outstanding service and be famous. Asia cross service, one hundred wins the world hegemony of the city and the entire Asian players across the service of the real battle, to achieve a true national war tyrants, to see who is the king of Asian strategy. To participate in the open once a month to participate in the activities of the inter service competition, and Asian players compete for the title of the strongest players in asia. Honor and blood, in Asia across the service battle.   beauty struck, help in the fight game game player in the harem can gather beauty enrich the temple, through the ability of various concubines, her beauty can get all kinds of bonuses, including internal affairs, production, scientific research, fighting and so on. Your harem is to enhance the strength of shortcuts do not pay attention to being the other game player harem away.  ‘s awakening, God will develop careers; Zhao Xian Museum to recruit generals, combat training, soul growth, immortality will develop into the advanced farming RPG gameplay, rich variety of generals generals to develop, increase collection, culture, advanced, awakening develop play. The arms tree the original system, the soldiers can be upgraded, arms, advanced arms conversion, rich soldiers develop and create more strategy selection line.   Blood War intrigues, take cities and seize territory war in the country as "and three" strategy, game player between city predatory war has been like a raging fire. In addition, "Three Kingdoms" and also increased the county seat war, war, war and fuzhoucheng town Wang Chengzhan and other interactive PVP fighting game, will achieve the ultimate strategic elements.   inter service war in Asia "and three", iOS version in October 28th officially launched, I invite you to join the hegemony in Asia, creating a vision.相关的主题文章: