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The Disaster Relief Coordination Committee of the mainland foundation pays close attention to the Ta tamiflu

The mainland fund will pay close attention to Taiwan earthquake disaster relief coordination – news, Sohu foundation undac will pay close attention to the Taiwan earthquake of 12, the mainland foundation undac will on the earthquake in Taiwan issued a statement, as follows: 02 2016 03 06 March 57, Taiwan Kaohsiung (22.94 degrees north latitude and 120.54 degrees east longitude) 6.7 earthquake occurred. By 11, the earthquake had killed 5 people, injured more than 300 people, and collapsed several buildings. After the earthquake, the China Foundation Disaster Relief Coordination Committee paid close attention to the disaster situation, and communicated with the relevant departments of the country for the first time through the member organizations. At the same time, we have also maintained close ties with Taiwan NGOs to obtain information about disaster information and the progress of rescue efforts. Taiwan encountered strong earthquake, mainland compatriots empathy. The members of the Disaster Relief Coordination Committee of the foundation will meet the needs of the people in the disaster area and take appropriate actions whenever necessary. Fund relief coordination (CNCDRR, NGO Center for English called China Disaster Risk Reduction) is committed to the promotion of the foundation, and between government departments, social organizations and all sectors of society, disaster response platform in disaster prevention and mitigation, disaster relief and reconstruction in communication, communication, cooperation and coordination, in 2013 420 after the Ya’an earthquake was launched. Member agencies are Chinese foundation for poverty alleviation, China youth development foundation, the fund China women development, Shenzhen One Foundation Charity Foundation and the Nandu charity foundation, Tencent charity foundation, the Amity Foundation, China social welfare foundation, Beijing Normal University School of public policy and social development.

大陆基金会救灾协调会密切关注台湾地震-搜狐新闻  大陆基金会救灾协调会密切关注台湾地震   12时,大陆“基金会救灾协调会”就台湾地震发表声明,全文如下:   2016年02月06日03时57分,台湾高雄市 (北纬22.94度,东经120.54度)发生6.7级地震。截至11时,地震已造成5人死亡,三百多人受伤,多幢建筑物倒塌。   地震发生后,中国基金会救灾协调会对灾情保持密切关注,第一时间通过成员机构与国家相关部门进行沟通。同时,我们还与台湾民间组织保持密切联系,获得灾情信息和救援进展的动态。   台湾遭遇强震,大陆同胞感同身受。基金会救灾协调会成员机构将视灾区民众需要,随时根据需要采取适当的行动。   基金会救灾协调会(CNCDRR,英文全称为China NGO Center for Disaster Risk Reduction)是致力于促进基金会之间、基金会与政府部门、社会组织及社会各界,在防灾、减灾、救灾、重建中的沟通、交流、合作与协同的灾害应对平台,于2013年420雅安地震后发起成立。成员机构包括中国扶贫基金会、中国青少年发展基金会、中国妇女发展基金会、深圳壹基金公益基金会、南都公益基金会、腾讯公益慈善基金会、爱德基金会、中国社会福利基金会、北京师范大学社会发展和公共政策学院。相关的主题文章:

The United States will put pressure on the garment association Alibaba once again included in the no

The United States will put pressure on the garment association Alibaba once again included in the "notorious markets list Tencent Francisco, according to foreign media reports, American Apparel and Footwear Association (AAFA) called for the office of the U.S. trade representative to the Alibaba and the company’s Taobao platform included in the" notorious markets list. This is a part of the AAFA to the United States Trade Representative Office to submit the 2016 notorious markets review application, this application contains a total of 118 sales of counterfeit goods online market and the real market. Alibaba in 2012 were excluded from the office of the U.S. trade representative in the notorious markets. AAFA sent a letter to the office of the U.S. trade representative said that the Alibaba the latter failed to meet the requirements, put an end to the platform for fake. The letter also referred to the Ministry of industry and commerce, a part of the Research Report – the report shows that up to 67% of Taobao’s goods are counterfeit goods. Although many public statements show that the company attaches great importance to the problem of fakes, but we did not see the improvement of Alibaba’s platform." AAFA chairman and CEO Rick · helfen Bain (Rick Helfenbein) said, "the United States trade representative office a few years ago will be removed from the list of Alibaba, the premise is the need to meet the specific requirements of the company in the future. These requirements are not met, leading to the United States consumers and our members have paid the price." The United States Trade Representative Office will publish annually "notorious markets list, list of those involved in the infringement or counterfeit products or to promote the online market and the real market. The United States Trade Representative Office to respond before October 21, 2016. (Translation: pay attention to long) recommended the "AI generation" micro signal (tencentAI), reply to "Standford", for "Stanford University report: artificial intelligence and life" 2030 Report Download link.相关的主题文章:

Pregnant women eat more of these 9 kinds of fruit on the fetus, pregnant mother you eat – Sohu mater vidalia

Pregnant women eat 9 kinds of fruit on the fetus, pregnant mother you eat? – maternal mothers Sohu should have the feeling of pregnancy after the skin becomes very poor, this is because of changes in hormone levels after pregnancy, resulting in accelerated The new supersedes the old. thus affecting the skin, cosmetics, skin care products, a lot of treasure mom did not dare to use, in fact his mother don’t worry about the right amount to eat some fruit can improve skin. Apple apple is the king of fruits, it contains a very comprehensive nutrition. There is a saying that an apple a day keeps the doctor away. At the same time, its beauty effect also let us rejoice, eating apples can not help us to discharge the intestinal tract of lead, mercury, manganese, beryllium and other toxins, in addition, if you keep the diet every day to eat apples, can make skin ruddy luster. Two, the kiwi kiwi fruit rich in folic acid, dietary fiber, and cancer prevention, prevent constipation. But the fruit of the cold, so the spleen and stomach, especially threatened abortion of pregnant mother don’t eat. Three, grapefruit grapefruit is rich in vitamin C and antioxidant elements, even more commendable is that grapefruit contains a very low heat, each only about 60 cards, so it is also a good helper to lose weight, according to a US study surface, if the normal three meals a day can eat half a grapefruit, weight loss will be very good. Of course, if you feel suddenly eat half a grapefruit is not enough, then drink grapefruit juice effect is quite satisfactory. Four, lemon lemon beauty effect is quite rich, can inhibit the spots, whitening skin, also can cause skin, make skin lubrication, of course, the effect of weight loss is also very significant. Dry skin to eat what fruit is good? Many pregnant women in late pregnancy, fetal movement is restless, poor mental state, also is good at eating, but not greedy. Five banana laxative effect is known for having heard it many times the insist on eating one or two bananas a day to ensure the normal bowel, which helps expel toxins, full of health and beauty from the inside out. In addition, the banana and honey mask modulation, has the effect of whitening. But the high blood sugar of pregnant women to eat or not eat six bananas, strawberries are rich in vitamin C, and content than apples and grapes more than 10 times, always eating strawberries can make the skin tender and elastic, in addition, the active substance contained strawberry has anti-cancer effect of some high. Can assist in lowering blood lipids, liver, improve constipation, seven loquat rich in protein, acid, vitamins, carotene. Loquat has a clear role, make your eyes shine, in addition, loquat can keep the skin healthy. With cotton swab dipped in loquat juice on the face spots, you can not fade spots. Early pregnant women eat, but also to alleviate morning sickness appetizing effect eight, pitaya pitaya is rich in nutrition, is a low calorie high fiber fruits, so won the love of the human diet, in addition, pitaya is also very effective for the prevention and treatment of constipation. For anemia of pregnant women can play a role in improving nutritional anemia.相关的主题文章:

Bank of hot products]9 21 financial returns ranked highest revenue 20%- Sohu Finance crycry

[Bank of heat]9 month ranked 21 on bank financial gains the highest income 20%- financial Sohu in September 21, 2016, the expected annual yield of 5% (inclusive) above in the sale of 13 models of financial products, the expected return rate is up to 20%. The country’s financial products, the expected rate of return of 5% (inclusive) above financial products are 1 models, including the Bank of Nanjing’s " daily; " enrichment; RMB financial products expected return up to 6%. Regional financial products, the expected rate of return of 7% (inclusive) or more of the financial products have 5 models, including DBS bank shares profit of $3 yuan of structured investment products is expected to yield up to 20%. National Commercial Bank in the sale of financial products revenue ranking (National) product name of issuing bank income type commissioned commissioned starting capital (yuan) revenue ceiling (%) sale area " daily enrichment (1401) " (A19001); RMB financial products, the Bank of Nanjing’s non guaranteed floating income Hui Jin – 50000 6 the excellent series of 162170 RMB financial products the bank non guaranteed floating income 55 50000 4.70 national excellent series of Hui Jin No. 165169 RMB financial products, the bank’s non guaranteed floating income 155 50000 4.50 national " Xin Xi " Ka Series No. 162148 non bank RMB financial products guaranteed floating income 60 100000 4.50 national " Xin Xi " Ka Series No. 166147 non bank RMB financial products Guaranteed floating income 180 300000 4.50 national " Xin Xi " Ka Series No. 165146 RMB financial products, the bank’s non guaranteed floating income 155 100000 4.40 national " Xin Xi " Ka Series No. 163145 RMB financial products the bank guaranteed floating income 105 – 100000 and 4.35 national Yi Hui Jin Series No. 164168 RMB financial products, the bank’s non guaranteed floating income 120 50000 4.30 national interest " Wang Bao " 16208 yuan financial products in the Bank of Jinhua’s non guaranteed floating income 267, 4.25 of the 50000 in the sale of financial products revenue ranking (regional) product name of issuing bank income type Commission period commissioned by the initial capital (yuan) revenue ceiling (%) on sale " series 1660 " shares; enrichment; period of 3 months DBS investment bank (China)…相关的主题文章:

Yan Cheng 00 car for young consumers to build consumer platform – Sohu nibbuns

Yan Cheng: 00 Car Buying for young consumers to create consumer platform – car Sohu [editor’s note] November 17, 2016, sponsored by the China market society, automobile Sohu, Chinese International Trade Promotion Committee of automotive industry guidance, Chinese Automobile Circulation Association special support "Tenth China automobile marketing channel Competitiveness Forum Financial Development Summit held in Guangzhou. Many industry experts, car companies and dealers, automobile financial elite gathered auto channel change and Internet plus trend of new business, new forces under auto finance, in-depth discussion. The following is the general manager of Sohu automotive division, the Chinese Market Association (Automotive) marketing expert committee executive secretary Yan Cheng speech. First of all I am very grateful to all of you new and old friends, the annual Guangzhou auto show is the automotive industry’s big party, every time the automobile industry event has been set, we can look forward to next year’s plan. Now Sohu car to share with you in the automotive field of new exploration, new ideas. Today to share with you the topic is: young network original residents consumer groups rise. Now the young group is 80, when they are more than and 10 years old, the Internet has been very mature, they basically grew up with the network from the beginning, they are the original inhabitants of the network. This young group has become an important car buyer. To share with you, according to the age distribution, 80 after 90 accounted for more than 1/3, 90 percent of the proportion of new car owners increased from 2014 to 9% in. Look at the original network consumption view: first, they are the first generation network original residents, they pay to buy online network habits more; second, they pay more attention to the pursuit of brand concept; third, they spend more money to buy a car, as before. We look at our car finance penetration growth: 2011 car when the growth rate was 12%, up 25% in 2015 this year, it is no more than 30%, but in 2020 the penetration will reach 50%, the market size exceeded 2 trillion, which is the largest market. Young consumer groups will become the main body of auto financial consumption. 2015 there is a data, 80% of the loan ratio was 25.87%, ranking first in all ages. 2016 80 after considering the proportion of car credit consumption is 57%, compared to 80, 90 more ahead of more open. In fact, this comparison, past and present consumption is different. In the past, there was enough money to buy a car. But now we have a car needs, want to buy what car to change, when you now have to pay a lot of money shortage of financial means, the means of payment are very flexible. For Sohu, it is a network of young consumer groups cheaper, we look at 35 years of age to reach the age of 39.75%, up to 26.64% years old and above. In fact, this is the case of education, master’s degree and above is 7%, undergraduate is 49%, college is 27%, Sohu’s friends are young,.相关的主题文章:

Original Shushan Xia continued Purple Blue Sword delete files test today dingxiangwuyuetian

Original Shushan Xia continued "Purple Blue Sword" today delete files test Shushan 3D real-time combat Mobile Games "Purple Blue Sword" today on Android system open paid delete files test. Millet, Ali, 360, OPPO, VIVO games, HUAWEI 6 channel in today’s 11 point volley. The same Shushan classic, innovative and competitive play the ultimate beautiful picture take you through to the legend of the world a surge high and sweep forward. The ultimate aesthetic quality reproduction Shushan world "Purple Blue Sword" Mobile Games uses industry-leading U3D engine production, create a Xian Xia world a beautiful. The game Xian Xia classical wind screen, exquisite exquisite cool effects, dynamic Q adorable 3D characters and fighting details lead into the game player in addition to the magic dragon Shushan world.   one of the highlights of the battle experience amazing athletic play multiplayer screen refreshing "is also intense sign by the purple blue sword". The game combines a variety of PVE, PVP and GVE play, either alone or in team Deathmatch can get Yuanmin release here. Perfect various fighting effects and dazzling gorgeous skill effects of fusion, let you every time a sword to go all out. Join the "Purple Blue Sword" in the world of fairy sword, sword flying getaway, red sign xt.   the first seiyuu gathered create auditory feast in addition to the ultimate aesthetic style, classic blood Xian Xia a variety of gameplay, the ups and downs of the wonderful story, "Purple Blue Sword" equipped with Ultra Luxury seiyuu and music team, invited the country’s top voice team photosynthetic product wood God throughout the game voice vocals. In the "Purple Blue Sword", the God of their interpretation of the classic Shushan seiyuu voice, Shushan classic legend, love and hate to game player meanders.   blood has a three regeneration waves. Your highness, the job is purple, Qing demons, also a time of national peace and order. In September 12th 11, "to become Shushan top you to purple blue sword".相关的主题文章:

Cheshen arrives! Changan Mazda one people excited engine racing – car Sohu zghd

Cheshen arrives! Changan Mazda " a centaur " engine racing car shock – Sohu on October 22nd -23, Changan Mazda " 2016 cheshen to challenge " the first station in Beijing resset motorsport center kicks off. Changan Mazda Mazda3 Axela angkesaila (hereinafter called angkesaila) and Mazda CX-5 to users and fans staged a fantastic sports feast. The fierce confrontation with the track as freely flowing style of writing manipulation, most incisive display of Changan Mazda " soul Gemini " the movement of genes and powerful performance, also highlights the vitality of young fans, Changan Mazda technology high courage, the courage to challenge themselves. Track two: achievement to participate in the challenge of cheshen cheshen dreams are hidden folk driving master. As the first round of the race car, angkesaila strength on professional track, " bend Prince " debut instantly lit players athletic passion. The contestants are eager for a fight in " bend, challenge, serpentine driving " display skills to the full two links. Thanks to the precise steering set-up, angkesaila the driver intention judgment sensitive throttle response actively, shift crisp, let the players enjoy the speed on the track caused by agonistic pleasure. In the Mazda CX-5 dominate the cross-country track, players will experience " Wenzhongqiusheng, " gate width limit, tramp over mountains and through ravines; challenge three links. For a 2700mm long wheelbase with the same level of 215mm maximum ground clearance of " a new realm of SUV", Mazda; CX-5 sensitive and precise control of the people would wonder. In the face of wading Road, bridge, sand road hump various complicated road challenge, Mazda CX-5 as brave cheetah, strong, steady and shuttle freely. " in the next game fun challenge, fate; gear, smart cube, cheshen matrix " complete release of the players’ driving passion. " destiny gear " especially test players driving precision cornering ability, with rich driving experience, quasi cheshen will angkesaila " palace; bending " take advantage of the most incisive. In the game, angkesaila chassis excellent toughness and stability into force control precision, perfect reproduction of " the unity of people and vehicles and driving ". Incomparable driving experience for amateur fans second professional racers, enjoy the passion of the track. A passion for games down, " soul Gemini " and Mazda CX-5 angkesaila completely captures the excitement. Soul Gemini: exclusive track for the keen track chariot duel fans, angkesaila and Mazda CX-5 is the perfect tool for lore. Mazda good genes can be traced back to Le Mans rally so far).相关的主题文章: