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Baby myopia, the most important is to prevent the Sohu to prevent mother to child baby myopia, go15 stroll, hey, this little bit of a big treasure, even wearing glasses? Baba Ma Ma suddenly found that these glasses treasure more and more, the age is more and more small, think of their years of myopia, and then look at the bosom of the treasure, very worried about the future vision problems of small guy. The problem of myopia, really is a problem worth mentioning, according to Xiao Nan know, WHO has been in his "Vision 2020" program, will be listed as one of the main diseases of myopia fifth sight threatening, domestic in 2010 and 2005 the "national student fitness and health survey results" is not optimistic: the 7 year old city boys, city girls, rural male and female students of poor eyesight rate were 32.17%, 36.43%, 24.12%, 26.95%, 8.71, 8.76, respectively increase 10.56, 10.32 percentage points more than in 2005, indeed, like Baba Ma Ma fear that China’s myopia incidence increased year by year, the age of onset is declining. Just do laser surgery Ma Ma, admire the high-tech, really so perfect? The existence of myopia marks, is the current operation can not be eliminated, not to mention those who are corrected, after the termination will not give you a clear world, can not see clearly still can not see clearly. In short, myopia can not be treated is the reality, whether you accept it or not, the fact is that, therefore, the most important thing is to prevent the development of course, if myopic, to control it and put it on the organic eye to minimize the damage, it is very important. In September 2015, held the fifteenth session of the International Conference on eye myopia (InternationalMyopia Conference, IMC), the meeting of the big, small is not to say, only that many factors are most concerned about the issue of Baba mama, adolescent myopia and heredity, environment and life style are closely related. Said the first genetic, no doubt, myopia is congenital factors in the army of the main force, especially genetic, the conference said in a study, let people to find suspected myopia gene "APLP2" mutations: reading > 1H every day, carrying mutations in the APLP2 gene in young children myopia almost as those without the mutation, teenagers 5 times higher; the amount of reading "1H found no obvious increase. Environmental factors? Here is the main wavelength, in theory, the short wavelength of light may protect the eyes, long wavelength may induce myopia, while the stronger the light, the more obvious protection mechanism, what does it mean? That is, the relationship between outdoor sports and the incidence of myopia, under the natural light movement, especially in the sun’s outdoor sports, can protect the eyes oh. Life is easier to understand, as an example, hope can become a treasure of Baba Mama piano prodigy, uh, speaking of vision.相关的主题文章: