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The baby’s sleep Baoma essential manual complete Raiders – Sohu baby baby to sleep is not stable, do always hum or move the hands and feet? Sometimes the baby is clearly closed eyes, but the hands and feet seem to be very hard look, the baby is not what the problem? The baby holds in the hand to sleep very well, how does one put down to wake up to do? Baby sleep day and night upside down how to do? Eat a baby will fall asleep, did not sleep long, and woke up crying to do drink milk? Sleep problems about the baby’s sleep is not the problem of the baby, almost all of the children’s book will have more detail, although the argument on the different, but most scholars believe that in some extent can be said is not the child’s problem, but the problem of parents. Good sleep habits require parents to help children build. If parents do not understand the child well, it will be regarded as abnormal normal phenomenon, the child’s normal reaction as a strange. The response of parents to their children will directly affect their behavior. Why is it unusual for children to behave differently in our eyes? This is because the infant’s sleep is different from that of the adult. The baby’s sleep is different from that of adults, and their sleep patterns and sleep patterns are different from those of adults. Baby sleep is divided into deep sleep and shallow sleep deep sleep: sleep is also known as non REM sleep, the sleep, the baby is static, occasionally yawning or beating eyelids. His breathing is very smooth. This state of sleep is very important for the growth of the baby, this stage of the brain will secrete auxin, help the baby to complete the growth and development. Light sleep: also known as REM sleep, the sleep, the baby often move the body, sound, some babies will be hands-on, kicks the foot, or hum, cry several voice, some babies will stretch a small stretch, and make. His breathing is not smooth. The eyes will be closed for a while. Waking state: the baby has a variety of levels of wakefulness, including drowsiness, active wakefulness and alertness. When the baby is asleep, he can’t stay awake or wake up. When he was active, he was awake, but he didn’t have any staple food. When he’s on the alert, he looks around with his eyes wide open. Sleep wake transition period: it is difficult to determine whether the baby is in this state, the baby may wake up in the middle of a few times after waking up and then into the process of shallow sleep. Many mothers pay special attention to the baby’s sleep is too understand the effect of sleep on children’s physical development, so interpret out of context. To know the baby’s sleep is being changed in a deep sleep and shallow sleep, full-term baby in sleep 10 ~ 15 minutes will enter into a deep sleep, deep sleep every time is about 15 to 20 minutes, then there will be 65 to 70 minutes of shallow sleep, and then will enter the 15 ~ 20 minutes the deep sleep into the shallow sleep. Deep sleep stage.相关的主题文章: