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Badaling wild zoo casualty insurance company was an emergency stop – Beijing yesterday, Beijing branch of PICC said in a statement, the July 23rd Badaling World Animal Tiger wounding caused two casualties incident, two passengers did not buy the company accident insurance products, can not get insurance. After the park visitors did not directly buy PICC accident insurance products, but to buy Security card in accordance with the requirements of the Badaling wild zoo, and many tourists do not exchange for formal insurance policy for security card, once the Casualty Insurance Companies will not claim. In view of this situation, PICC Beijing branch said, has been suspended with the Badaling wild zoo accident insurance cooperation. Zoo visitors will have to sell "security card" to do insurance in August 25th, the Badaling wild animal world in a month after rectification, re opened its doors. After the zoo reopened, it was found that the Badaling wildlife world ticket window to sell 5 yuan insurance is actually a security card. According to media reports, by virtue of this security card and personal identity card, visitors can exchange for a formal policy, the policy content is the insurance of Chinese travel within the travel accident insurance Peoples Insurance Company of China: China travel within the travel accident insurance clauses (2009 Edition), the amount of 100 thousand yuan; additional Chinese travel within the travel medical insurance clauses, the insured amount 20 thousand yuan; additional limit or extend the contract area of insurance clauses (2009), the amount of 0 yuan, 5 yuan premium. After printing the policy, the staff will recover the security card. No change will be released single security? The front of the card printed: in order to protect the majority of tourists in the park play the safety, safety management measures for the implementation of real name system for visitors each a card, please hold the cards of visitors to the park for a formal reception department security documents, not for tourists to the documents can also obtain the security card, I need to provide a valid ID card and valid identity card number. The tiger attack system suffered casualties of tourists without insurance information although the zoo that "for visitors failed to document the holders of this card can also get security, but for no return for security policy official card information, People’s Insurance Company of China 95518 customer service telephone customer service staff said, there is no formal policy, not to simply query information service system. PICC Beijing branch also said: "the Beijing Badaling wild animal world of tourists’ sales security card" is the area alone behavior, the behavior of our company did not know, "security card" list of all commitments and is independent of the company." PICC Beijing branch said, according to the law, the insurance company claims only to the policy as the basis, other documents can serve as a basis, the policy is the only basis. In the past two months of the Badaling wildlife world in Northeast Beijing tiger casualties caused by tourists, as of now, there is no case on the case after the claims and insurance claims released. According to the people’s insurance company, business system did not inquire into the incident by the tiger attack casualties tourists information policy. These two students相关的主题文章: