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"Bainiaozhaofeng" donation over the Silk Road Film Festival Closing Ceremony Tencent entertainment news September 23, 2016 Silk Road Festival ended, the closing ceremony of the "bainiaozhaofeng" Chupin agreement said the domestic box office after the settlement, the parties to achieve a full recovery of investment costs, net of issuance fees and related taxes will yield about 15 million donation to China Film Foundation Wu Tianming youth film special fund for public welfare China youth film. The closing ceremony of the director group with a large device dance "bainiaozhaofeng" tribute to the director Wu Tianming, the classic Suona music "bainiaozhaofeng" loud blow, Chinese movie reproduction glorious moment. Wu Tianming’s posthumous "bainiaozhaofeng" perfect ending nearly 200 volunteers will complete in May this year, director Wu Tianming’s "bainiaozhaofeng" national release, become China art film issue in the history of milepost type event, set off the "craftsman. Ingenuity, heritage. Discussion topics of social development" and "art film living space" in the industry the topic of the development of diversified film stage plays a role. Chinese Film Foundation launched the "bainiaozhaofeng" painted on voluntary action, designed to let more audience enjoy this touching, thinking about the movie culture masterpiece. This action caused a positive response of many industry organizations and individuals, formed a nearly 200 strong team of volunteers, volunteer gave strong support for the film’s release, and achieved a reputation and excellent performance at the box office. In the Silk Road Film Festival, the Xi’an film Chupin all Qujiang Film Co. Ltd., Shaanxi Provence king haoze Television Culture Co. Ltd., Beijing polymerization film culture media Co., Ltd., Beijing laurel pictures Oriental dawn (Beijing) Film Co. Ltd., Beijing Qitai ocean culture media Co. Ltd. agree, in the film the domestic cinema box office revenue from the issue of the parties to achieve the full cost of investment recovery, the issuing company issued charge agency fees and deducting related taxes, the profitability of the domestic cinema box office revenue of about 15 million yuan donated to the China Film Foundation Wu Tianming youth film special fund to support young filmmakers welfare. Support the spirit of Wu Tianming heritage youth film special fund to help young filmmaker Wu Tianming as the leader of the fourth generation directors, former director of the Xi’an film studio, is recognized as the fifth generation director horses. In order to support the spirit of the youth heritage director Wu Tianming, the funds will be used to Chinese Film Foundation – Wu Tianming youth film special fund for the support of young filmmakers, promote the development of Chinese youth film career, prosperous youth film artistic creation and improving the technical level of film, film to accelerate the industrialization process; to find and cultivate a new generation the master has potential of young filmmakers, including director, screenwriter, producer, and support in all aspects of the film project, a number of practical help to the China film to a higher height of the new youth film; fund not only provide seed money for youth film projects, but also to provide an international platform for a whole movie the operation of the project, to help talented youth film team grow rapidly, let youth power.相关的主题文章: