Bangladesh, a factory explosion fire 15 dead and 70 injured and fear of further increase-running man20130526

Bangladesh factory explosion and fire 15 dead 70 injured casualties – Beijing then fear the increase in new network on 10 September, according to foreign media reports, Bangladesh a packaging factory 10, boiler explosion, triggered a fierce fire, at least 15 people were killed and 70 wounded, casualties. The death toll is likely to rise as the fire is not fully under control. According to reports, this four storey factory is located in Dhaka northern industrial town donguy (Tongi), boiler room explosion flames broke out, spread all the way up to the building. At that time, there were about 100 people working in it. Reported that most of the injured were burned, seriously injured have been rushed to hospital in Dhaka for treatment. The factory floor for storage of chemicals, when the fire has played a supporting effect, which make the situation worse. Police fear that due to the current fire is not completely extinguished, there will still be trapped in the factory workers. In November 24, 2012, Dhaka suburb industrial park Tazlin Luria ASO fashion garment factory fire, killing 112 workers and injured more than 150 people in Bangladesh deadliest factory fire. The two bosses of the Tazlin fashion company in Bangladesh have surrendered to a court in the capital Dhaka. Prosecutors accused the two people should be responsible for the garment factory fire casualties caused by 2012.相关的主题文章: