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Banks will disappear within 15 years? Who will steal millions of jobs Bank – Sohu news in recent years, due to sluggish performance, the banking industry turnover, pay cuts, layoffs as one falls, another rises. According to reports, the data show that in the first half of this year, ICBC, Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank, three banks in the decline in salary expenditure of about 2%. The biggest change in the remuneration package is Minsheng Bank, staff salaries fell 22%. Get so many people choose to leave, according to incomplete statistics, the number of employees of listed banks in the first half of this year was 35 thousand less than the end of last year. 2030: KPMG bank and its service may "disappear" hanfengcigu, banking industry has entered an unprecedented change in 30 years. Just a few days ago, KPMG said in a report released by the bank in 2030 and its services may disappear, similar to Siri’s artificial assistant will take over the customer’s life and financial services. As a result, most of the traditional banking sector or will disappear. In the report, KPMG envisioned a similar artificial assistant Siri EVA. Through health, payment, preference, social media and other data users, users in the spare time and communication, with the taste of goods, recommend short-term cash for the user the best management and solve the financial problems. KPMG believes that by 2030, the banking industry will become a "invisible" industry, consists of three parts: the first part is the platform, will have a device similar to the Siri (or mobile phone APP), all financial services and intelligent technology related together; the second part is the traditional bank the business is like some operations, such as transfer, cash and so on; the third part is the basic framework of bank business, such as bank settlement system, the bank’s risk control system and so on. Thus, no matter how banks change, the kernel does not change (i.e. second, third part), but in the way of interaction with consumers (the first part) is the quality of change, this is like shopping from the store to the electricity supplier, after all financial services can be accomplished by means of information technology. KPMG said that by then, the winners will be those who have low-cost ecological environment, and advanced data, credit management technology of the bank. And those with a large number of personalized products banks will thrive. Bank of nightmares: machines, layoffs and closing outlets ING Bank of Holland announced last week that "digital conversion program: first off 5800 employees, the future depending on the circumstances, let the other 1200 employees were laid off or transfer. This plan allows them to save nearly 900 million euros in the future. Royal Bank of Scotland will release a AI online customer service system, the system can respond to customer service, according to the customer’s tone, in addition, it never needs a rest, but does not require overtime allowance. Traditional banking industry will go from here? According to reports, in October the major banks have entered the campus recruitment season. Most of the traditional banks fancy graduate degree and degree. Unlike traditional banks, some Internet banking.相关的主题文章: