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Bao suffered thousands of lending rates to urge the company rights innocence 30% cap We want you! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Borrow treasure encounter "thousands of adults", company of innocence. For users criticized the late management fees, the loan will be renamed its treasure reminder fee, overdue more than 90 days, urging the rate of return to no longer increase by 30%. "Investor" reporter Wang Yu recently, since the media broke the borrow treasure encounter "thousands of adults", there are users on the streets of Beijing to pull the banner of debt collection". After a financial media, the thousands of human rights activities but only a dozen people in which ten people mostly do not comply with the provisions of loan treasure platform, jump platform, QQ, contact WeChat users in the operation of usury, getting loans, loans treasure full return of its funds. This behavior allows lending treasure back to the public again. What is the lending treasure? Public information is explained, lending treasure is built by Jiuding holdings, by the people and for the Polytron Technologies Inc (hereinafter referred to as "everyone") acquaintances lending platform operation. The main treasure of the borrower to borrow the real name of the borrower, the borrower anonymous anonymous lending model, the lender based on the borrower’s identity to assess the risk, to obtain the corresponding revenue, commonly known as earned margin". However, such a model, it seems that people cannot read, questioned the media from time to time in the. Since the date of the last year on the line since last year’s storm storm, MLM questioned naked lending storm often has the shadow of the lending treasure. Today, activists appeared to borrow treasure further to the fore. However, the lending treasure but said it was wrong". Borrowing Baofang oriented "investor" reporter stressed that lending treasure as a pure information intermediaries platform, has been guided and special emphasis on user rational lending, adhere to the "not know by". But there are still a few people who are not familiar with the user to have high interest lending, even bypassing the platform trading rules, using the line "rebate" means the transaction risk, this is the platform to resolutely oppose and combat. User rights for borrowing Street treasure "money" according to several media reports, October 20th, lending treasure users in Beijing Dongcheng District a residential hostel in front of banners denounced the "treasure of false propaganda Jiuding borrowing" and "lending treasure our hard-earned money". "Investor" asked the reporter to borrow treasure, treasure lending said, "in October 19th, more than a dozen malicious trouble personnel to Beijing, and in the premises of the company gathered outside the company, and the negotiations failed, leave after." Originally, the two sides have rights before the street, "face to face". The user rights to claim that the loans are overdue, unable to recover, but the management fee is increasing, leading some investors and even their borrowing from the platform in the middle to fill vacancies, borrowers become a vicious spiral, step fall, finally earned all the money into lending treasure, also bear the huge debt. In this regard, but there is another argument lending treasure. "A small number of user platforms相关的主题文章: