Before October Anhui production safety situation overall stability accident fell 13.5%-pgd-426

Before October Anhui production safety situation is generally stable accident down 13.5% on the morning of 18, learned from the production safety supervision bureau of Anhui province this year, on the basis of production safety and promote the "cast" action on Anhui province’s production safety situation is generally stable. Statistics show that in October 1, Anhui 2612 production safety accident, the death of 1399 people, down 13.5% and 7.5% (decreased 7.3 percentage points higher than the national and 4.2 percentage points), which occurred 26 accidents, the death of 105 people, the same score decreased by 18.8% and 12.5%; no significant over the accident. In the flood season this year, all localities and departments to strictly implement the responsibility of flood safety, mine tailings, chemical industry, construction, transportation, oil and gas pipelines, reservoirs and other key industries lawangshi, strengthen the supervision of the entire process, reinforcement and emergency disposal, to ensure flood safety and stability to the good situation. At the same time, the opening date, Anhui province to the safe production of "casting" action is always the starting point, careful deployment of the province to carry out spring, "two", "NPC and CPPCC", "51" and the mid autumn day and other important nodes of the time period and production safety supervision and inspection. At present, most of the field of production and operation of construction into the season, the weather is bad, is prone to accidents prone period. In the beginning of production safety situation, the next Anhui will focus on industries in the province outstanding mine, transportation, hazardous chemicals, civil and military explosives, construction, oil and gas pipelines, gas, dust, metallurgy, fireworks and other crowded places, to carry out safety inspections, to ensure the steady improvement of safety production situation. (Editor: He Feifei)相关的主题文章: