Beijing per capita book reading over 10 is one of the most favorite reading area – Sohu news winfast

Beijing’s per capita amount of reading books over 10 of this is the most love reading area one of the Sohu news reporter "2015-2016 annual Beijing national reading comprehensive assessment report" released yesterday, the report shows that the per capita amount of reading paper books for the city in 10.88, representing an annual increase of 1.39, is one of the most love reading area. The report by the scholarly Chinese? Beijing reading season leading group office released. Reading season and organize the relevant departments and professional research institutions and industry experts, by sampling survey method, through questionnaires, the survey visit to this city 7 years to 70 years a total of 6907 residents, understand their reading behavior, reading and reading on the concept of service demand condition, and the situation of the national reading evaluation. The report shows that 2015 to 2016 of the annual comprehensive reading of Beijing city was 92.24%, for two consecutive years to maintain growth by one percentage point; digital reading rate is 83.57%, an increase of 5.39%; the paper reading rate was 79.72%, down 1.98%, Beijing digital reading rate for the first time more than the paper reading rate. 70.76% of Beijing residents through mobile phone digital reading, tablet PCs, PC computers, Kindle were 28.82%, 22.39% and 11.43%, respectively. But on the other hand, the unique charm of the book entity bookstore is still an important channel of Beijing city residents to purchase books. 61.86% of the residents in the physical bookstore to buy books, especially those under the age of 20 and young groups, of which 73.34% of people in the physical bookstore to buy books. With the rise of online shopping books, 58.54% of residents through the network to buy books, higher than the previous year by 14.48 percentage points. From the point of view of the residents read the type of books, novels, biography, history, health news and tourism is the first five books of Beijing city residents Repeng, accounted for 46.16%, 31.35%, 25.03%, 21.78% and 17.76%. Among them, the literature fiction books are most popular among people of all ages.相关的主题文章: