Beijing – VIDEO – African students praise Chinese bamboo bamboo satisfactory completion beyond

Beijing – VIDEO – African students praise Chinese bamboo bamboo satisfactory completion beyond imagination [comment] 19 Garner students from the African continent in Qingshen County of Meishan City, Sichuan province completed two months of bamboo and bamboo furniture technical training, successfully obtained the certificate. Two months in Sichuan in their main learning Qingshen, plane and three-dimensional braiding process, Taketo Taketo furniture manufacturing bamboo craft. September 12th, the reporter came to the scene, together with the guests of the more than and 20 countries witnessed the moment full of honor. When the certificate of acceptance, the students are difficult to suppress the joy of the heart, his face filled with a happy smile. Oddo, a student, said his study in China was far more than he had thought before, and that he wanted to bring his skills back to his country. The same period [] (Garner student Oddo) we had a very good training course, we love this training, we are here for training in Chinese, we know far less than what we learn here much. I believe that we have a better understanding of bamboo knowledge and technology. Hopefully, it will help us bring back to our country Garner, in fact, we have entered the factory, so we learned what we learned and brought back our country. [comment] African students are very hard to learn, study hard, in the case of language, humbly ask the teacher, practice every kind of the bamboo craft, finally successfully completed their studies, which made the teacher feel pleased and excited. Bamboo teacher Yang Yurong on their African students very satisfied. The same period [] (Sichuan bamboo teacher Yang Yurong) when they study hard, because of the language, a lot of things through translation out with us (only) understand a little bit they learn is very patient, very seriously, the successful completion of the learning task. They learn the shade, packaging and pots, baskets are made good. [comment] Sichuan Qingshen can have exquisite bamboo craft and rich bamboo art atmosphere, mainly connected with local long history of bamboo culture, art now is famous in the world be handed down from age to age. UNESCO’s natural science expert, Hans, said he went to Sichuan to see the importance of bamboo for local culture not only in the present, but in ancient times. The same period [] (UNESCO natural science expert Hans) very impressive, very pleased to see the application, every kind of bamboo also saw the importance of bamboo culture environment and the local economy and society, which is very impressive, I think the real significance for the local culture to see bamboo, not only in the now, as early as in ancient times, bamboo as an important part of artistic expression and culture has existed. Sichuan, Meishan相关的主题文章: