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Beijing – VIDEO – Sunny night umbrella man? Monitor Jingxian ghost"! [comment] sunny night, dark alleys in a man with an umbrella walking slowly, this is a horror movie scene, but in reality it is actually happening in Chongqing, a thief disguised but exposed his move. Recently, a Hot pot shop in Chongqing stolen cash, thousands of shop staff take wings to itself, the transfer of the store surveillance, I saw a man dressed in black from the window to climb into the rise of instant, let everyone in a sweat: it’s not only the facial features, eyes shining in the darkness, like a horror movie. The case. [comment] the clerk received after the alarm, the police rushed to the scene, to view the monitor, found the man is wearing a wig, only the eyes exposed, in the monitoring of night vision, the sparkling eyes really scary at first glance. The same period [] (Chongqing city Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau police alarm) police said, his shop was a masked robber to theft, police said there is a lingering fear of the horror scene picture. Police retrieved surveillance, found the man suspected of changing clothes on the road, encountered a place to monitor and awareness of shelter, even playing a sun umbrella. [comment] but this is only the behavior, let the man particularly conspicuous in the monitoring, the police all the way to the transfer of control, eventually locked the man’s residence, and soon the masked man was captured by the police. The same period [] (sound source police) that night and no rain, you see the people around are not an umbrella, he covered the head with an umbrella to cover up. [comment] this man explained that he had been planning for this theft has been a long time, deliberately plan to escape monitoring, did not expect or because of his fancy himself so soon caught. Currently the case is under further investigation. The same period [] (Chongqing city Yuzhong District Public Security Bureau police) here we remind the majority of businesses, it is best not to cash on the counter, timely to the bank or a safer place, while conditional businesses to install alarm, if the situation can be the first time the alarm. Chongqing Jia Cheng reported Nanshi相关的主题文章: