Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet officials and overseas Chinese elite line on Africa

Beijing – VIDEO – Tibet officials and overseas Chinese elites a discussion of African officials in Tibet and Africa overseas Chinese elite line forum [comment] vice chairman of the Tibet autonomous region Dorji Tsju 12 in Lhasa and Africa overseas Chinese Elite delegation forum. He said, in the hope that overseas Chinese folk ambassador to Africa, speak good true story of Tibet. At the beginning of the forum, Dorji Tsju first to Africa, away from the Chinese long-term Chinese hard pioneer express admiration, and thanked the delegation for a long time in the local community service, economic prosperity, promote Chinese culture and promote the living in the country and the progenitor (membership) play a positive role in the aspects of cooperation and communication etc.. Subsequently, he briefed the guests on the history of Tibet and the political, economic and cultural achievements of the autonomous region in recent years. The same period [] (vice chairman of the Tibet autonomous region Dorji Tsju) (Tibet) economic development, but we do pay special attention to the ecological environment and environmental protection, the path of development is such a form of environmental protection, green, ecology, science as a way of development, Tibet is a plateau in ethnic minority areas, border areas and difficult areas and underdeveloped areas, so the central special concern of ethnic minorities in Tibet to improve people’s livelihood problems, we start building a new socialist countryside construction from 2006, (currently) our new rural construction has been basically completed, all the people live in small houses, conditions are very good. Chairman of the board of trade and industry in South Africa, the president of the Association for the promotion of China’s peaceful reunification of Africa, Li Xinzhu pointed out that the majority of members of the regiment are the first time to reach tibet. The four day of the trip down, they greatly to Tibet magnificent natural landscape, more protection of the Potala Palace and Jokhang Temple of Tibetan Buddhist relics said shocked. It is reported that overseas Chinese Elite African delegation of more than 20 people from Africa, 11 major overseas Chinese communities in the country, they all have their own influence in the African countries government, business, overseas chinese. Reporter Gun San Ram Yang Tibet Lhasa reported相关的主题文章: