Between the East and the West situanwen sculpture painting art exhibition will be opened-pretty rhythm

Between China and the West — Stown sculpture painting art exhibition will open the international art gallery Chinese donation and collection exhibition: between China and the West — situanwen (Anthony Stones) sculpture and painting art exhibition time: 2016-10-28 to 2016-11-06 the opening time: 2016-10-29 15:00 organizer: Chinese Art Museum exhibition venue: 2, 4, hall 6 Stuart, was born in England in 1934, with Britain, Ireland and New Zealand nationality, honorary academician of the Royal Society of sculptors, academician of the Royal Society of Arts etc.. Since 2001, he has been engaged in Chinese and English communication activities. He has held a number of art colleges in China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Tsinghua University, Academy of Fine Arts and so on. Mr. Stuart created a large number of Fine Arts in sculpture, painting and design, but also made important contribution to cultural exchanges between China and the west. This exhibition is the "2016 annual International Art Gallery China donation and collection exhibition", exhibition of Mr. Stown 200 works, fully show the achievements of sculpture and painting. The significance of the art of Wu Weishan, director of the Chinese Art Museum, is that the artist’s life and emotion are engraved in the creation of the "type", which reflects the spirit of the times and aesthetics. The creation of a generation of people constitutes the track of cultural history. Situ An "Maijishan" bless 2000 70× – 68cm; limestone statue of ink on paper China Hongshan culture advanced woman body and Paleolithic in Europe — "Venus of Willendorf" female characteristics of exaggeration, performance of reproductive worship; positive law "and" the Egyptian sculpture decoration reflects the wind Qin Shihuang of Terracotta Army formal specification of ancient craftsman; simple and idealized Greek sculpture; Sanxingdui bronze surreal abstract sculpture; Rome solemn and magnificent; medieval sculpture and sacred nature; Renaissance sculpture reflects humanism glory…… In different periods of the sculpture to silent art form, explain the xinyu. Painting is also the case. Today, the era of information and image to create a free and diverse artistic environment, cultural heterogeneity makes Chinese and Western art in the frequent exchange of unique style. Situ An 1984 "memory" 1984 47× 40cm watercolor paper today, China art gallery for British artist Ann Stuart (1934 -2016) exhibition aims to show a profound tradition of Western sculpture, but also has a great enthusiasm for the artist created achievements of Chinese culture. He has made achievements in many fields of sculpture, painting and design, in the theory and practice of art creation, he from a Western perspective to research by scholars and artists Chinese, explore China philosophy and painting, especially a painting to Shi Tao. In sculpture, he takes the character as the main object, the use of solid, accurate and full of subjective realism creation of intellectuals and ordinary workers, personal aesthetic tendency and aesthetic thought of sculpture birthday相关的主题文章: