Big eyes are good looking! Wait until you have a coin

Big eyes are good looking! You have a coin "eye" and talking pictures from the network what A4 waist, legs, shoulders the word Iphone, stars play together all is a master, but they don’t seem to want to eat melon people breathe, and now play a "coin eye" challenge. So, how much do you have in your eyes? Have you ever thought about how important a pair of big eyes? From the cartoon girl Meng has a pair of watery eyes, anxious eyes accounted for half of the face, if you don’t know what the meaning of big eyes, a map to tell you: the pictures from the network of female stars is also well versed in this variety show big eyes, can reach the coin the size of the eye is the "coin eye", is also the most photogenic eyes, such as Zhao Liying’s eyes, the standard coin eyes, anxious eyes to face 12! Data do not know if you had not heard of such a word: "eyes stare like bells, lightning like smart"…… What is a coin eye? Simply say that the eyes are big enough to put a dollar coin, this is the United states! See two small meat first occupy public initiative: Tan Songyun Long Tan Songyun micro-blog sun 50 Fen coin eye "Ceng Shunxi" has Shunxi micro-blog sun "coin eye" star sun coin "eye" is not much, but you have to admit that a lot of star coins with eye style, even if the eyes do not have to try to make them look great! Kunling said big eyes star, Mrs. king Kunling absolute to be ranked in the first place. Kunling eyes is not only large, but also full of innocence in full of silently conveyed tenderness. Yang Mi Tang Yan Yang Mi, Tang Yan the good bestie is bigeye family, although they have no eyes Kunling like that clear and pure, but their eyes are more sexy, sometimes with fawn lovely, also has a strong temptation. Wang Kai in addition to female stars, big eyes of the male star is not a minority. Wang Kai the high brow, and in the eyes, eyes is more profound Ruju, just a cool posing eyes can cause thousands of screaming. Pictures from the network, in addition to the stars, watermelon people want to have a coin eye, everything is PS! Pictures from the network pictures from the Internet users want to have a coin eye!! Pictures from the network baby I also want coins eyes!!! Pictures from the network as a passerby we can only have a coin eye through PS? Look down, in fact, you can also have a coin eye!! The "coin eye" Sambo – eyelash, eyelid, lie can not be less! The eyelash has "the most direct way of coin eye" photograph was carried out under local anesthesia in network eyelashes implantation and the doctor removed first through microsurgery after the occipital healthy hair follicle tissue, and then after separation of hair follicle specific tissues, the hair follicle transplantation to eyelash follicle survival after the site, can naturally grow new eyelash, keep all the original hair.相关的主题文章: