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Jewelry-Diamonds Bio-Diamonds, the UKs leading genetic and jewellery .pany, have launched their pioneering range of certified laboratory created diamonds with the distinctiveness of added carbon extracted from human hair or cremated ashes to form a truly unique and personal diamond. Clients signature carbon is extracted from hair or ashes samples; it is then .bined with generic carbon and a diamond seed and subjected to the HPHT process which creates a rough diamond. The diamond is then shaped to clients requirements by our skilled diamond cutter who will cut and polish the stone. Due to significant demand, Bio-Diamonds has delivered its new website that allows existing and new clients from all over the UK, Europe and beyond to discover the personal creation of a bespoke diamond. Bio-Diamonds is delighted to offer a striking range of certified laboratory diamonds that are available in cognac (orange), yellow-green, black, blue, deep red and traditional clear colour options, offered as loose stones or set in a jewellery piece from the Bio-Diamonds exclusive collection. Using state of the art technology with scientific expertise we are converting human hair or cremated ashes in to a Diamond thats certified, extremely affordable and now available on our website, said Mariya Leigh, Operations Director of Bio-Diamonds. Bio-Diamonds" chemical, optical and physical characteristics are identical to the earth mined diamonds, but are now available at a fraction of the price. Each Bio-Diamond is independently certified by AnchorCert, UKs only independent diamond and gem grading and certification facility. Bio-Diamonds delivers unique diamonds and jewellery pieces that are often used to celebrate a marriage, the birth of a child, a memorable date or to eternally remember a loved one that has passed away. Popular requests are from those that wish to have their childs locks of hair transformed into a diamond to be cherished forever, engagement and wedding diamond rings made with a .bination of the bride and grooms hair and a loved ones ashes ashes converted into a stunning diamond that can be passed down through the family generations as a treasured heirloom. Bio-Diamonds are breathtaking and unique, and with the added biological material of a loved one, the finished stone is exceptionally beautiful and forever captures the love of a special person, said Leigh. Our clients have a choice of striking Bio-Diamonds and jewellery pieces that are truly special, dazzling and personal. For additional information about Bio-Diamonds, please call 0845 6430 563. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: