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BlizzCon demo "Diablo 3" necromancer Corpse Explosion skills turned cool Diablo 3 ultimate evil edition area in this year’s BlizzCon, we look forward to the "Diablo 4", "Warcraft 4" still did not figure, but the "Diablo 3" debut new occupation necrophos division or let a lot of Diablo game player look very. In the scene, the new occupation also provides the opportunity for game player. "Diablo 3" new occupation necromancer in 2017 will add the following forum is the first demo game player after the opening ceremony, the first time I went to the play area running machine demo area about 90 Taiwan appearance, in all the play zone is a small, in addition to providing the dark 1 Demo 2 other NEC is a demo, when to have the game player line filled, at first team speed for 5 minutes or 10 meters, a very fast. But when I entered the waiting game player, has the whole demo area surrounded by two ring. Just as I can in the first row to row when the situation occurs, Blizzard server crashes, all PC is unable to play, only the host version can be, but the queue of game player who seem to PS version is not interested in, the staff also repeatedly called to be a handful. BlizzCon "Diablo 3" necromancer demo this situation lasted quite a long period of time. But eventually solved, and finally can play on the. As with all new items and role play, the skill bar is locked and cannot be opened, the hero is the initial image of the left hand right hand bone shield single sickle, and no equipment changes. BlizzCon "Diablo 3" the necromancer demo demo version is quite fixed, skills also set up lock, each skill after Blizzard carefully selected, are as follows: the skills of all skills are the basis of morphology, no runes, and physical property. Left key: Blood siphon generates 15 points of damage per time. 300% weapon damage. When you boot the total blood volume of 2% per treatment. Right: bone spear consumption: 20 point shot all enemies on the ballistic missile deals 450% physical damage. BlizzCon "Diablo 3" necromancer Demo 1 key: corpse explosion detonated all the bodies in the target area and 150% weapon damage within 20 yards. 2 key: aging reduces enemy’s movement speed by 75% and damage by 20%. This skill has not been written to cool, but can not be continuous casting. BlizzCon "Diablo 3" necromancer demo 3 keys: the rush of blood cooling: 4 seconds seemed invincible rushed for 50 yards. I think it’s cool. 4 key: dominant skeleton consumption: 50 essence active: command your servant skull target to attack, and improve the damage of 100%5 seconds. Passive: every second from the ground from a skull. The skeleton servant each attack that deals 50% weapon damage. This is a passive one, but the beginning of the secret.相关的主题文章: