British media look bad Guardiola will runaway 5 problems in the locker room sooner or

British media look bad Guardiola events: 5 major problems the locker room sooner or later this runaway Guardiola and didn’t win…… 0-1 lost to Manchester United, let opponents out of the trough at the same time, Guardiola also suffered his longest coaching career. From very touching this season began ten game winning streak to today’s six consecutive matches, Guardiola in the city, the honeymoon is gone. In the blue moon to create his own career coach the best season to start the melon Shuai, but now fell from the peak to the bottom. Since October, the city also has success, the British media to Guardiola a voice of praise in the beginning of the season, are now beginning to his head. The British "sun" analysis of the author, that now the blue moon into the great Numa, melon handsome five problems need to make a change. The honeymoon period is over, Guardiola five major problems facing 1 lose a game winning momentum aura Guardiola has said he refused to panic over, but in today’s win is hard to find situation under Guardiola seems difficult to avoid spreading panic. Since October, Manchester City has not tasted the taste of victory, now from the blue moon on a victory over a month ago, "the sun", which both for Guardiola or Manchester City players in mind is a huge challenge. Although at the beginning of the season they had done in one vigorous effort but now Manchester in Toronto, on the pitch, is really hard to see when they show the essence of god. Now there no city players at the start of the season’s spirit…… 2 weak defense is still the critical moment the ball dropped this summer, Guardiola spent 47 million 500 thousand pounds from Everton signed England future defender stones, and replaced him in the eyes of "feet worrying in England mencio – Hart used his favored Bravo. But since the start of the season, Manchester City’s defense is still difficult to make people feel at ease. Stones in the state is not stable, long-term Kongpani injury plagued case, actually Manchester halfback Otamendi is the only one who can be a little reassuring point, even once let Guardiola play Kolarov defender, but this is not insurance. In the past few games, backs before Phil Nandy Neo and Bravo on the court and stones has committed a fatal error caused by the losing team, Guardiola people questioned. Manchester City if you want to get back on track, reinforcing the defence is a pressing matter of the moment. The most expensive defender Stones is difficult to play the leading role in the city 3 Guardiola is losing control of the locker room 1-1 draw with Southampton after the end of the game, Guardiola in the locker room talk for 50 minutes, the scene described by the media as "Guardiola’s face had been playing thunder". Prior to the blue moon general Saba Laeta also revealed that melon handsome forced the team to eat breakfast and lunch together, in fact, the players are still unable to use the mobile phone in the training base. Guardiola take the pressure management for high pressure management Guardiola in Manchester City, Manchester City players initially did not have resentment, but as the team has yet to pick up, Guardiola management also inevitably becomes the blue moon, the atmosphere in the dressing room)相关的主题文章: