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Buffett awkwardness three quarterly not happy or Warren also highlights the recent U.S. stock three quarterly reports have been released, often this time, will be a few happy tears. Warren Mr. Buffett recently may not be happy, the stocks heavily held the three quarterly performance are just passable. As the world’s largest soft drink maker, Coca-Cola (NYSE: $(KO) $three) on Wednesday (October 26th) published quarterly show, by some Latin American countries high inflation hit, and the company from some bottled business divestment, the company’s quarterly revenue fell 7%. Net income attributable to shareholders for the third quarter ended September 30th fell to $1 billion 50 million, or $0.24 per share, compared to $1 billion 450 million, or $0.33. Net operating income decreased $11 billion 430 million to $10 billion 630 million from the same period last year, falling for the sixth consecutive quarter. According to the latest information, Coca-Cola is still one of the highest positions in the stock of Buffett, holding 400 million shares, the shareholding ratio of 9.18%. However, in the third quarter earnings of listed companies generally higher than expected background, Coca-Cola’s performance is clearly unsatisfactory. Three after the announcement, Coca-Cola shares rose in early trading in New York was up to $43.15, up to $1.4%. As of Wednesday, the stock has fallen 1% this year. In addition to Coca-Cola, Buffett held the three quarter of the remaining stocks were also just passable. Bank stocks, is deeply involved in the false account scandal Wells Fargo (NYSE: $(WFC) $) three quarterly earnings per share decline compared to last year. Wells Fargo Bank on October 14th announced three quarter earnings, although earnings in the third quarter, an increase of $4 billion 940 million to $22%, or $88 per share, better than expected but still fell year on year. Third quarter net profit of $5 billion 640 million, earnings per share of $1.03, compared to net profit of $5 billion 800 million for the same period last year, earnings per share of $1.05. Last month, 8, after the scandal exposed Wells Fargo shares continued to fall, fell to the lowest point in October 4th this year at $43.75, down by 12.3%. As the largest shareholder of Wells Fargo, Buffett lost more than $1 billion 400 million. Since then, although somewhat warmer, but still a long way to repair the huge decline, as of October 26th closing, the stock rose 0.94% compared with the previous day, at $46.15. The same is holding the "blue giant" IBM (NYSE: $(IBM) $three) quarterly published by the Wall Street also greatly disappointed. According to IBM’s three quarterly report has been released, net profit of $2 billion 853 million, compared with $2 billion 950 million last year, down $3.3%, diluted earnings per share of $2.98, down from $3.01 a year earlier. IBM exceeded Wall Street analysts expected third quarter earnings, its shares fell nearly 3% hours. It is estimated that only Goldman Sachs Group can make Buffett a little more comfortable. Goldman Sachs (NYSE: $(GS) $) on Tuesday (October 18th) announced three quarterly reports, net income of $2 billion 100 million, an increase of $58%, diluted earnings per share of $4.88,;相关的主题文章: