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Weight-Loss You are eating better, exercising, drinking water and you are encouraged each day as the number on the scale continues to drop each week. Then all of a sudden, it stops! You have reached a weight loss plateau which has lasted for weeks, going on months and it is so frustrating. What can you do? When it .es to Nutrition: 1. Eat real meals every 3-4 hours. Do not get in the habit of eating a handful of crackers and cheese for lunch, for example. Eating mini-meals throughout your day will prevent you from overeating at night. 2. Eat fiber and protein at every mini-meal. Both will help regulate blood sugar and keep you feeling full longer. Add walnuts to your grilled chicken salad. Choose a fiber-rich bean soup or add tuna or salmon to your salad. 3. Are you eating too much wheat? If you are having toast with breakfast, a sandwich at lunch, crackers for a snack and pasta with dinner. It is too much wheat and starch at every meal. If you want to have pasta with dinner, then eat a salad with grilled chicken at lunch. For breakfast, try an egg white omelet with vegetables or a protein smoothie with ground flaxseeds for a quick, fibrous meal in the morning. 4. Make a batch of hard-boiled eggs, chicken breast, brown rice and vegetables on the weekend so you are armed with healthy meal choices to pack up for lunch or for a quick dinner during the week. When it .es to exercise: 1. Vary your routine – it is amazing how quickly your body adapts to a workout or exercise program. You need to shock your system a bit by doing interval training on the treadmill, for example, increase your speed one minute for every five minute segments or elevate the treadmill 1% every 5 minutes going up and do the same as you bring the level down. 2. Add Pilates or core building exercises to your regimen. It will increase your strength, improve your balance, and help you burn fat. 3. Are you working out hard enough? A walk through your neighborhood with friends is great for social bonding, not for burning fat. Increase the intensity for 1-2 minute intervals by picking up the pace or pumping your arms. Add strength training and aim for 3 sets of 15 repetitions for a particular exercise. 4. Meet with a qualified Personal Trainer for new exercises and workout plan. They can help tweak your routine and help you stay motivated. Staying positive is the key to weight loss. Forget about the scale for awhile. If you ‘mess up’, do not use it as an excuse to go back to your old bad habits. Think of it as a time to start fresh and focus on your program. Forgive yourself and do better at your next meal. Make yourself a priority. Measure your results by how you look and feel, how your clothes are fitting. It is much more fun. Acknowledge the good choices you made during the course of a day. Keep track of your progress in a journal. Devote some time to you allowing yourself time to prepare good foods, exercise and relax. Make a point of doing something every day that is healthy for you and the weight will .e off. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: