Buy foreign absurd, see the disadvantages of local political fraud quickchm

"Buy foreign absurd", see the disadvantages of local political fraud in Nandu reported that the "investment" to complete the task, the northern part of Jiangsu city part of the grassroots government led by "local hotshots" overseas investment funds to the dollar, the government designated enterprise name into account, the official false capital verification after settlement, the RMB equivalent the return to investors, and to give every 1 million $ten to several million yuan range reward. According to the court verdict publicly available information, the city is now known to have at least 31 grassroots government led events, involving billions of dollars of funds. The investment of local pressure, as a kind of alienated political impulse by governments at all levels of the layers of overweight, coerced the similar local law inspection authorities (until the office issued the prohibition of judicial departments involved in non official activities), more local government officials, officials. All data, eventually became an impossible task. Of course, there are completed, such as the Nandu report of the grass-roots government, at the expense of huge rewards, "buy" to large foreign temporary transit days, to complete the investment task, but it is such a "sustainable waste, local finance", in recent years more in the local. According to the official investment data show that after 2010, local investment "took off", the actual use of foreign capital in 2009-2011 were $547 million, $1 billion 50 million and $1 billion 610 million, an increase of 35.1%, 92.2% and 54.1% respectively, an increase of three consecutive years ranked first in the province. Dazzling achievements, how many officials were promoted, transferred to other more important position? Left the problem is that the achievements of the actual use of foreign capital, is really the use of it? "The huge foreign temporary transit" for a few days, take away the local finance money, just let the grass-roots government can temporarily cross investment task left. So investment, any practical significance? Onlookers may think not, but in which officials, especially for the investment of high pressure index blessing, decomposition of the higher level local government officers, is beautiful in his term of office, it may also bring promotion chips, glamorous resume. Another puzzling phenomenon is: why must be foreign capital? Local government to attract foreign investment, foreign investors behind the obsession, in fact, from the beginning to let the performance goals overwhelmed the real local economic development. To attract foreign capital is considered more international range of children, foreigners around the investment activities are few blond, embellishment, hundreds of billions and billions of projects focused on signing one day in the collective, but the need to repeatedly check, the implementation of the follow-up investigation thoroughly, funds and projects. China Merchants became a feint, the so-called "qishangmanxia" in fact both upper and lower again on this farce too, those glamorous data, exactly who cheat? The "buy foreign" chaos of judicial attitude, does not seem harsh, but how to cater to the local government issued the so-called "waiver" commitment. "The economic loss and the legal responsibility are borne by the local government".相关的主题文章: