Bye bye! Apple monitor is dead teamed LG release new 5K

Bye bye! Apple monitor is dead: joint LG release new products in the release of the new MacBook Pro, Apple announced that, in cooperation with LG launched a 27 inch 5K UltraFine display, designed for the new MacBook Pro optimization. UltraFine 5K display with 27 inch screen, resolution 5120× 2880, P3 wide color gamut, 5K display screen is equipped with the world’s first Thunderbolt 3 interface, in addition also provides 3 USB interface, built-in front camera and microphone, support FaceTime video call, priced at $1300 (about 8813 RMB). At that time, there are many users doubt, Apple’s own monitor it? In June this year, there are rumors that Apple will release integrated independent graphics card Thunderbolt display, and now hopes to have been dashed. Foreign media The Verge reported that Apple has said that the company will launch an independent display business, the future will cooperate with LG. The release of the UltraFine 5K display, is the first of the two joint products. It is reported that UltraFine 5K display brightness and settings can be changed directly on the MacBookPro, which also means that apple and LG cooperation has been quite thorough.相关的主题文章: