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Relationships Can you get back with an ex even if the situation seems impossible and hopeless? Well, the short answer is yes. Most relationships can be saved no matter how bad the situation seems. You might not believe that it is possible but let me ask you a few questions. 1)Have you ever heard of couples getting back together after an affair? 2)Have you ever heard of people getting back into abusive relationship even if it is against their interest to do so. I believe your answer is probably a yes. I know it seems hard to .prehend. But we have all heard of husbands taking back their cheating wives. We have also heard of wives taking back their cheating husbands. Not once but many times. Even repeated offenders get f.iven. And we have all heard of people getting back into abusive relationship. The abuser get f.iven every time. Before I continue, I just want to tell you that I am not enocuraging you to go back into a cheating or abusive relationship. I am just using the above examples to tell you that saving a relationship is possible even in the most ‘impossible’ situation. Most of the time, whether you can get your ex back depends on what you did and did not do. Do the right thing and you can get your ex back even in the most hopeless situation. Do the wrong things and you will simply push your ex further and further away. For example, if you act desperately, like calling your ex over and over again, you will only irritate your ex and push him/her away. Therefore, try to avoid acting desperately and you will have a much better chance to get your ex back. About the Author: – – – – – – – – – – 相关的主题文章: