The man shot down by the police accused of UAV roof 大冲锋虎鲨

It is the simplest logic that the American man shot down a rooftop UAV and was accused of breaking something else. But a man shot down an unmanned aircraft, but it was a big deal, accused of criminal mischief, will be sentenced. The baby was scared, Americans violent temper, quickly drink a cup of cold water pressure yajing. The man shot down roof Drones will be sentenced to the way it is, a man in the US state of New Jersey said a drone circled the roof, shoot it down, and then by the police accused of illegal possession of firearms and the practical joke. The Associated Press reported that the man had admitted criminal mischief, and the prosecution recommended probation. The owner of the unmanned aerial vehicle is also an innocent man, claiming to be shot down only by taking photos with unmanned aerial vehicles. The FAA says the flight height must be below 400 feet and must be far away from crowds and stadiums. But the provisions are too general a man in the summer of last year the Kentucky shot down a drone, he claimed that the drone in monitoring their daughter. Drones greatly facilitate the life, also bring a lot of problems, the airline reported event free flight vehicle interference is greatly improved, the UAV into the White House, the home also has a variety of UAV accidents. All these indicate that the use of UAVs and relevant laws and regulations need to be perfected so as to make safer use of uavs.

美国男子击落屋顶无人机遭警方指控   弄坏别人的东西赔一个,这是最简单不过的逻辑。但美国一男子击落一架无人机,却摊上大事了,被指控刑事恶作剧,将被判刑。吓死宝宝了,美国人的暴脾气,赶紧喝杯凉水压压惊。 美男子击落屋顶无人机将判刑   事情是这样的,美国新泽西州一男子称一架无人机在屋顶盘旋,就开枪击落了它,然后被警方指控非法持有枪支和刑事恶作剧。美联社报道该男子已承认刑事恶作剧,检方建议判处缓刑。无人机的主人也是一脸无辜,称只是在用无人机拍照片,就被击落了。   美国联邦航空管理局规定,无人机飞行高度必须低于400英尺,必须远离人群和体育场。不过规定比较笼统,去年夏天肯塔州一男子就击落一架无人机,他声称这架无人机在监视自己的女儿。   无人机的出现大大方便了生活,同时带来很多问题,航空公司报道无人机干扰航班的事件大大提升,无人机闯白宫事件,国内也有各种无人机引发的事故。这些都表明,无人机的使用和相关法律法规亟待健全,这样才能更安全的使用无人机。相关的主题文章:

Galaxy Securities is also a Lady club 武汉工程大学自考

Galaxy Securities is also a "Lady club"? Text Sina Financial opinion leader (WeChat public number kopleader) institutional column, Mustang finance "official wife checked" became the network hot words, sparked heated debate. Especially in the financial sector. Some couples use Shuoshu "official" and "right" in the black hole together to weave a network of relationships. A network of love, but also live in their own network. Ironically, the bigger the financial institutions, the more likely there is such a "grey relational network"". Galaxy Securities vice president Huo Xiaoyu checked Huo Xiaoyu, vice president of Galaxy Securities checked! It doesn’t seem like anything…… Don’t worry, Huo always has another identity: the director of the National Bureau of statistics and the Secretary of Party Secretary Wang Baoan. In January 29th, according to the relevant person in charge of the Central Organization Department, the Secretary of the National Bureau of statistics and party secretary Wang Baoan were suspected of serious violation of discipline, and the Central Committee has decided to remove his leadership position. Only 2 days later, the galaxy securities listed in Hong Kong issued the announcement that Huo Xiaoyu, vice president, was checked. Huo Xiaoyu, a famous beauty manager in the securities world, was born in 1966, graduated from the Department of economics, Renmin University of China, and was a master of Chinese medicine. Later to the Ministry of finance office, and then met is regarded as the Ministry of star Wang Baoan, two people look for female beauty, match. Mrs. Wang is not only beautiful, but also strong, people are smart, so work in the agency for a period of time after the sea. He is the vice president of China Galaxy Securities Limited by Share Ltd and chairman of Galaxy International Efficient Finance Holding Ltd. In 2015, the stock market shock is huge, the financial sector anti-corruption is gradually deepening, Zhang Yujun, Yao Gang, a series of industry bigwigs checked, this pair of important positions couple checked, is not it will be staged a big financial field case? The couple are birds of the same, A great calamity is at hand. caught together…… It seems to be particularly true for Galaxy securities. Huo Xiaoyu wasn’t the first lady to be checked. As early as last July, Duan Yanqiu, director and general manager of Galaxy Securities Investment Bank, was checked with her husband. On the morning of July 24, 2015, Zhou Benshun, former Secretary of the Hebei provincial Party committee, was suspected of serious violation of law and discipline and was investigated by the organization. Zhou Benshun’s wife, Duan Yanqiu, was also taken away. "Official wife checked" became the network hot words, sparked heated debate. Especially in the financial sector. Some couples use Shuoshu "official" and "right" in the black hole together to weave a network of relationships. A network of love, but also live in their own network. At present, Huo Xiaoyu’s findings have not yet come out, it is not easy to comment. Ironically, the bigger the financial institutions, the more likely there is such a "grey relational network"". For example, the "Beijing News" and other media have been exposed, as the first domestic private capital established commercial bank Minsheng Bank, set up a "wife club"". According to the Beijing News reported that former Minsheng Bank President Mao Xiaofeng, who is Ling Jihua subordinates, the wife of Li Ping Ling Jihua Valley in Minsheng Bank’s company Minsheng leasing office for 3 years. It is worth noting that, in the evening of January 31st, Minsheng silver.

银河证券也现“太太俱乐部”?   文 新浪财经意见领袖(微信公众号kopleader)机构专栏 野马财经   “官太太被查”成为了网络热词,引发热议。尤其是在金融行业。一些硕鼠夫妻利用“官”和“权”在黑洞里共同织就一张关系网。一网情深的同时,也网住了自己。令人讽刺的是,越是大的金融机构,似乎越是存在这样的灰色“关系网”。 银河证券副总裁霍肖宇被查   银河证券副总裁霍肖宇被查!这似乎并没有什么看点……   别急,霍总还有另一层身份:此前被查的国家统计局局长、党组书记王保安的妻子。   1月29日,据中央组织部有关负责人证实,国家统计局局长、党组书记王保安涉嫌严重违纪,中央已决定免去其领导职务。   仅2天后,在港上市的银河证券便发布了副总裁霍肖宇被查的公告。   霍肖宇,这位证券界出了名的美女总裁,1966年出生,毕业于中国人民大学经济系,港中大硕士。后来到财政部任职,并结识了当时被视为部里明日之星的王保安,二人男才女貎,相当般配。王夫人不仅长得漂亮,能力也强,人又聪明,因此在机关里工作了一段时间后就下海了。   现任中国银河证券股份有限公司副总裁,中国银河国际金融控股有限公司董事长。   2015年证券市场震荡巨大,金融界反腐也渐渐深入,张育军、姚刚,一连串业内大佬被查,这对身居要职的夫妻双双被查,是不是又会上演一出财经领域的大案件呢?   夫妻本是同林鸟,大难临头一起抓……   这句话好像特别适用于银河证券。霍肖宇并不是第一个被查的官太太。早在去年七月,银河证券投行部董事、总经理段雁秋就与丈夫双双被查。   2015年7月24日上午,河北省委原书记周本顺涉嫌严重违纪违法,接受组织调查。周本顺的妻子段雁秋也被随之带走。   “官太太被查”成为了网络热词,引发热议。尤其是在金融行业。一些硕鼠夫妻利用“官”和“权”在黑洞里共同织就一张关系网。一网情深的同时,也网住了自己。   目前,霍肖宇的调查结果还未出,小编也不好过多评论。   令人讽刺的是,越是大的金融机构,似乎越是存在这样的灰色“关系网”。   例如,《新京报》等媒体曾经曝光,作为国内第一家民营资本设立的商业银行——民生银行,设立有“太太俱乐部”。   据新京报报道,原民生银行行长毛晓峰,曾是令计划的下属,介绍令计划的妻子谷丽萍在民生银行旗下公司民生租赁任职长达3年。   值得注意的是,1月31日晚间,民生银行发布公告称,近日公司董事会收到毛晓峰辞职信;而《新京报》消息称,民生银行新闻发言人向其证实,毛晓峰被中纪委带走协助调查。   而毛晓峰在职期间,民生银行“夫人俱乐部”的重要成员,有上文提到的令计划的妻子谷丽萍。 谷丽萍   此外,原十二届全国政协副主席苏荣夫人于丽芳曾长期供职于民生银行,退休后还被聘为董事会审计委员会主任。 于丽芳   而这些太太们,最大的共同点是,只领工资不上班。   他们最后的结果,往往是锒铛入狱。   在这些“夫人俱乐部”中,其他“官太太们”还没有浮出水面,因为他们的老公还没出事儿,她们暂时平安。而网友们对此类事件,也都发表了自己的看法。   新浪微博网友@西门乱:在这类交易中,银行更加受益,有利于开展各种业务。   新浪微博网友@奴隶1000:民生银行有“夫人俱乐部”,不知道其他企业中有没有“公主俱乐部”、“情人俱乐部”呢?   新浪微博网友@用户0d375hpi9i:其实地方上也有与民生银行俱乐部类似的夫人俱乐部,只拿工资不上班,这叫“吃空饷”。   (本文作者介绍:野马新传旗下专注于财经、金融领域的新媒体,涉及商业报道、上市公司、互联网金融资讯等,致力于成为财经金融领域领先的新媒体机构。(微信公众号:ymcj8686))   本文为作者独家授权新浪财经使用,请勿转载。所发表言论不代表本站观点。相关的主题文章:

Crude oil closed, oil prices hit the biggest one-day gain in 7 years, OPEC production rumors once ag 牡丹江师范学院教务网

[] 7 years crude oil closed oil prices hit the biggest one-day gain, OPEC cut rumors again filled the market Huitong news network February 13th – March U.S. NYMEX crude oil futures prices on Friday (February 12th) rose $3.23, or 12.3%, at $29.44 a barrel, oil prices hit the biggest one-day gain since January 2009. It was previously reported that the organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) may eventually agree to reduce production to ease the global oversupply, and the rebound in the stock market will boost the risk appetite. However, despite Friday’s steep rise in oil prices, it still fell by nearly 5% this week. (the United States NYMEX March crude oil futures prices within the time chart, chart on time for EST; source: Bloomberg, Huitong financial) (the United States NYMEX March crude oil futures prices in recent years the daily candle, on the map in time for the United States Eastern time; source: Bloomberg, Huitong financial at the same time, ICE Brent) April crude oil futures prices rose $3.30, or 10.98%, at $33.36 a barrel. The Wall Street Journal reported on Thursday in the U.S. oil market that the United Arab Emirates energy minister said the OPEC member countries were ready to work together to reduce production, while the current oil price has forced the non OPEC oil producers to suspend production at least. Many traders initially doubted the report, saying Venezuela and Russia failed earlier this week to persuade Saudi Arabia and other major oil producing countries to agree to reduce production. But since 2014, oil prices have fallen by 75% to more than 12 years low, many people tend to believe that once the reduction or demand increases, oil prices will sooner or later rebound. German commercial banks predicted in a report that efforts to reduce production will push oil prices back to the highest 50 dollars by the end of the year. US crude oil futures are trading below $50 for the next five years on Friday, only after November 2021 contracts rose above this level. The data show that this week the United States oil drilling platform number fall after eighth weeks, oil prices rose to expand. The rebound in global stock markets helped boost oil markets. However, Long Leaf Trading Group chief strategist Tim Evans said oil prices have not bottomed out, and there is no evidence to prove that the global economic growth dilemma can be resolved in the short term. At present, selling at a rally is a wise choice. Some market participants say the New York oil market will be closed next Monday as president of the United States, and most investors are reluctant to hold short positions before the long weekend holiday. Many people expect oil markets to fluctuate more sharply in the next few weeks. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

【原油收盘】油价创7年最大单日涨幅,OPEC减产传言再度弥漫市场   汇通网2月13日讯——美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格周五(2月12日)收盘上涨3.23美元,涨幅12.3%,报29.44美元 桶,油价创2009年1月以来最大单日涨幅。之前有报道称,石油输出国组织(OPEC)可能最终同意减产以缓解全球供应过剩的状况,而股市反弹提振风险意愿。不过,尽管周五油价劲扬,但本周仍下跌近5%。   (上图为美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格日内分时图,图上时间为美国东部时间;图片来源:Bloomberg,汇通财经)   (上图为美国NYMEX 3月原油期货价格最近一年的日线蜡烛图,图上时间为美国东部时间;图片来源:Bloomberg,汇通财经)   与此同时,ICE布伦特4月原油期货价格收盘上涨3.30美元,涨幅10.98%,报33.36美元 桶。   华尔街日报周四在美国油市收盘后报导,阿联酋能源部长称OPEC成员国准备协同减产,而当前油价已迫使非OPEC产油国至少暂停增产。很多交易员最初对这则报道表示怀疑,称委内瑞拉和俄罗斯本周早些时候劝说沙特和其他主要产油国同意减产的努力以失败告终。   但自2014年中以来油价已重挫75%,至逾12年低位,很多人倾向于相信,一旦减产或需求增加,油价迟早会反弹。   德国商业银行在一份报告中预计,减产等努力将在年底前推动油价反弹至最高50美元。未来五年的美国原油期货周五均在50美元之下交投,只有2021年11月之后的合约升至该水准之上。   在数据显示,本周美国石油钻井平台数量连降第八周后,油价扩大涨幅。全球股市反弹也扶助提振油市。   不过,Long Leaf Trading Group首席策略师Tim Evans表示,油价还没有见底,并没有证据可以证明全球经济增长的困局可以在短期内得到解决。目前来看在反弹的时候卖出才是明智的选择。   部分市场人士称,下周一为美国总统日假期,纽约原油市场将休市,多数投资者不愿在长周末假期前持有空头头寸。很多人预计未来几周油市的波动将会更加剧烈。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

Apple confirmed the iphoneipad time set incorrectly will brick problem 曼娜回忆录txt

Apple iPhone iPad will not set time to confirm the author: Wang Shan brick problem on February 16th news, a few days ago the news leaked, if the system time of the apple iPhone, iPad and other equipment is set to January 1, 1970, then reboot the device, it will directly get. Now Apple officially acknowledges the existence of the Bug. Apple official said that if you put iPhone, iPad and iPod time before May 1970, it will appear the problem of restarting failure. Apple officials also promised to fix the problem in the next version of iOS update. If you previously unfortunately caught, the first iOS device and remove disassemble batteries, placed 10 minutes after the re installation. Or in the case of sufficient electricity, waiting for several hours, when the value of Unix timestamp is greater than or equal to 0, the system time is effective, can boot normally. It is reported that a lot of people on this Bug curious, but also dare to take their own love to do the experiment, so they have flocked to a place – Apple Store……

苹果确认iPhone iPad时间设置不对会变砖问题   作者:望山   2月16日消息,数天前曾有消息曝出,如果把苹果iPhone、iPad等设备的系统时间设置为1970年1月1日,随后重启设备,它会直接变砖。如今苹果官方正式承认了这一Bug的存在。   苹果官方发出消息称,如果你把iPhone、iPad以及iPod的时间设置到1970年5月之前,它将会出现重启失败的问题。苹果官方还承诺将会在接下来的iOS版本更新中修复这一问题。   如果你在此之前不幸中招,可以先将iOS设备拆机并拆出电池,放置10分钟后重新安装。或者在电量充足的情况下,等待数小时,当Unix时间戳的数值大于等于0,系统时间生效,可正常开机。   据悉,不少人对这个Bug感到好奇,但是又不敢轻易的拿自己的爱机做实验,于是他们纷纷涌向了一个地方——Apple Store……相关的主题文章:

Market will maintain structural market 潍坊学院邮编

The market will maintain the structural market Sina Level2:A shares of sina finance: App speed Kanpan live on-line blogger to tutor during the Spring Festival, although the global market risk incidents, but the trend of strong offshore renminbi, to alleviate the appropriate domestic capital outflows expected to support effect on the market. In the first week of the monkey year, A shares staged a good start, and the three major indexes closed up all the way. The weekend Commission this week change, how to interpret the popular market. Focus on adjusting the structure of industry benefited from the new normal mixed central master fund aspiring fund manager Liu Mingyue said that in 2016 the overall stock market will show the "monkey city" style. If we can grasp the rebound opportunities, it will become the key factor to obtain excess returns. Liu Mingyue said that the recent appreciation of the U.S. dollar reached 2%. The strengthening of the RMB will ease the expectation of domestic capital outflow and support the market. Although A shares may remain vulnerable in the short run, investors need not worry too much and wait for more favorable opportunities to attack. There are institutional investors pointed out that in the near future can pay attention to the two sessions related plate opportunities, especially emerging industries investment opportunities. In addition, gold and other resource stocks are also worthy of attention. Liu Mingyue believes that in 2016 the probability will maintain the structural market. From the industry allocation, optimistic about the new consumption, new technology and other aspects of the opportunity, focusing on the structure of the related industries benefit, pay attention to all kinds of reform related strategies brought about by the industry development opportunities. Nuggets China’s economic transition investment opportunities, China economic transformation fund stock fund aspiring Peng Haiwei said, in the short term, since 2016 bad factors have gradually cleared up, after the market over reaction, mainly emotional catharsis. He advised investors to look at the long term, not because of short-term market volatility over pessimism, the opportunity comes from the market repair after the crash. In the medium and long term, the trend of healthy and stable development of the capital market has not changed, and the stock market is expected to return to the medium and long term upstream. Peng Haiwei said that the future investment opportunities for China’s economic restructuring of the Nuggets, the key investment in line with the national economic restructuring and industrial restructuring and upgrading and regional structural adjustment and optimization policy, and benefit from the growth of the industry and companies. The investment target of this field is rich, and there are many opportunities for Bull Stock in the future, mainly including high-end manufacturing, information technology, cultural media, medical services, national defense industry and so on. JINGWAH Times reporter Ao Xiaobo Sina statement: this news is reproduced from Sina cooperation media, Sina published this article for the purpose of transmitting more information, does not mean to agree with its views or to confirm its description. This article is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Investors operate accordingly and take risks at their own expense. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

市场将维持结构性行情 新浪财经Level2:A股极速看盘 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导   尽管春节期间全球市场风险事件频发,但离岸人民币走势坚挺,适当缓解了国内资本外流预期,对市场起到支撑效果。猴年首周A股上演开门红,三大股指全线收阳。周末证监会换帅,本周行情如何演绎颇受关注。   重点关注调结构受益行业   中欧明睿新常态为混合型基金拟任基金经理刘明月表示,2016年股市整体将展现“猴市”风格。是否能把握反弹机会,将成为取得超额收益的关键因素。   刘明月表示,近期兑美元累计升值达2%。人民币走强适当缓解了国内资本外流预期,对市场起到支撑效果。尽管A股短期可能仍将维持弱势,但投资者无须过度担忧,可以等待更有利的进攻时机。   有机构投资者指出,近期可以关注两会相关的板块机会,尤其是新兴产业投资机会。此外,黄金等资源股也值得关注。刘明月认为,2016年大概率将维持结构性行情。从行业配置方面,看好新消费、新科技等方面的机会,重点关注调结构受益的相关行业,关注各类改革相关策略带来的行业发展机会。   掘金中国经济转型投资机会   华夏经济转型股票基金拟任基金经理彭海伟表示,短期来看,2016年以来的利空因素已经逐步出清,此前市场过度反应,主要还是情绪的集中宣泄。   他建议投资者要放眼长远,不因短期的市场波动过度悲观,机会来自于大跌之后的市场修复。中长期来看,在利率持续下行、股票资产配置吸引力增强的背景下,资本市场健康稳定发展的方向没有改变,股票市场仍有望重回中长期上行通道。   彭海伟表示,未来将掘金中国经济转型投资机会,重点投资符合国家经济结构转型和产业结构转型升级和区域结构调整优化政策,并从中受益成长的行业和公司。这一领域投资标的丰富,未来出现大牛股的机会很多,主要包括高端制造业、信息科技、文化传媒、医疗服务、国防军工等。   京华时报记者 敖晓波 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:

有抗炎、抗休克、抗过敏、抗毒素等作用 武汉理工大学理学院

Daqing Longda beef detected steroids – Sohu financial news (reporter Liao Ailing) the State Food and Drug Administration briefing last week, the detection of 2 batches of beef containing hormone dexamethasone exceed the standard. The 2 batches of products are: Daqing Longda Food Co. Ltd., production and processing of meat (beef), back Tiefeng District of Qigihar city poplar slaughterhouse production and processing of cattle tenderloin (bovine brain) and dexamethasone were detected. Among them, Daqing Liuzhou Food Co., Ltd., the rear leg meat dexamethasone content exceeded 4 times as high as. Data show, Daqing Longda Food Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008, is located in Daqing Longfeng District factory west paraffin park. Dexamethasone is one of adrenocortical hormone drugs, anti-inflammatory, anti shock, anti allergic, anti toxin residues in bovine muscle, the limit is 0.75 g kg. The State Food and drug administration has asked Heilongjiang food and drug administration to investigate the production operators and formulate corrective measures. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Food and drug administration also announced, Beijing ziyunying health products development Co. Ltd. of bee products processing plant "Ziyun Kejian" Huaihua (500g bottle, 20151009) exceed the standard mold. Author: Liao Ailing

大庆龙大牛肉检出激素类药物-搜狐财经   新京报讯  (记者廖爱玲)国家食药监总局上周通报,检出2批次牛肉含有超标的激素类药物地塞米松。  这2批次产品分别是:大庆市龙大食品有限公司生产加工的后腿股肉(牛肉)、齐齐哈尔市铁锋区杨生屠宰场生产加工的牛上脊肉(牛上脑),均检出地塞米松。其中,大庆市龙大食品有限公司的后腿股肉地塞米松含量超标高达4倍多。资料显示,大庆市龙大食品有限公司成立于2008年,位于大庆市龙凤区厂西石蜡园区。地塞米松是肾上腺皮质激素类药物之一,有抗炎、抗休克、抗过敏、抗毒素等作用,在牛肌肉中的残留限量为0.75μg kg。国家食药监总局已要求黑龙江省食药监局对生产经营者调查,制定整改措施。  另外,北京市食药监局还公布,北京紫云英保健品开发有限责任公司蜂产品加工厂的“紫云科健”槐花蜂蜜(500g 瓶,2015 10 09)霉菌超标。  作者:廖爱玲相关的主题文章:

used to automatically correct a misspelt word entered in any Project text field. You can also add your own Autocorrect entries. You can check this by entering an open bracket 笔走龙蛇的意思

UnCategorized Whether you’re a new or experienced Microsoft Project user, you’ll find that Project 2010 is very different compared to previous versions in many ways. And sooner or later you’ll need to view or change the Options settings. This article guides you through each option category and describes the main categories in each. Launch Project 2010 and you’ll see the shiny new interface complete with Ribbon Tabs. To change Project 2010 options you need to select the File tab. So choose the File tab and then select Options to open the Project Options panel. In this panel the left hand index list shows you the following eleven categories; General, Display, Schedule, Proofing, Save, Language, Advanced, Customize Ribbon, Quick Access Toolbar, Add-Ins and Trust Center. We’ll look at each of these in turn. Select General and you’ll see you can change the overall display colour scheme visible when Project is launched. Here you can also set the default date format for start and end data in any table. So you can chose a preferred date, time or date and time format, depending on what you want to display, and the resulting format will show in all Project tables containing dates. The Display category allows you to change the default currency, or turn on the Entry Bar, which lets you edit task text in an Excel type box above the table. Choose the Schedule category to change default task start times, used if you enter task details in days without start or end times. Usually you would use this in conjunction with customised calendars to ensure task start and end times are the same. In the lower Scheduling Options you can also change the default scheduling mode from "Manually Scheduled", the new default in Project 2010, to "Auto Scheduled", the default in previous Project versions. You can also change the default Effort Driven settings from not selected, also the new default in Project 2010, to selected, the default in previous Project versions. The Proofing category allows you to add or edit Autocorrect entries, used to automatically correct a misspelt word entered in any Project text field. You can also add your own Autocorrect entries. You can check this by entering an open bracket, then a lower case c then a close bracket, followed by a space into any text box in a Project table. Project will replace this with a copyright symbol. This is one of the default Autocorrect entries in Project. Click the Save category and you’ll see options to change the default file type, and an Autosave option. You can set the Autosave time interval with or without a prompt. This is a very useful feature not available in previous versions. The Language category allows you to change the default language for the keyboard and layout. This should be set as English (UK) during the Project 2010 installation. The Advanced category has more sub categories in the right part of the display compared to other categories and is scrollable so you can see all the details. Most settings are similar to those in previous versions, but additions include a maximum 99 undo levels with a default of 20, a maximum recently used files list of 50 with a default of 17. If you choose the Customize Ribbons category you can edit existing navigation tabs or create new tabs. You can add new groups and commands to a tab, change command groups or commands order in a tab and create your own customised tab with new groups and commands. You can also reset tab to default states should you wish to. Note that you cannot remove the default tabs, so you cannot be left without any navigation Tabs! If you select the Quick Access Toolbar category you can customise the Quick Access Toolbar located above the ribbon tabs. You can add any Project command to this toolbar and the toolbar expands as commands are added. In this way you can add your own favourite commands to the toolbar and they can then be applied with a single mouse click. The Add-Ins category is used to manage specialized Project 2010 utilities which can be installed within Project 2010, such as a Visio Chart creator or an Excel Pivot Table analyser. The Trust Center category is used to control how Project 2010 responds to security issues. Examples include if Project 2010 detects an earlier version Project file or if Project 2010 detects a macro in a project file. In conclusion the options in Project 2010 are located in the File tab and contain many settings you may be familiar with under easy to use categories. There are also many new options in these categories which we’ve summarised in this short article. If you’d like to learn more about Microsoft Project 2010 and its many very useful features you might like to consider attending a training course. This can be a really effective way to greatly increase your Project 2010 skills. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: