CCTV’s focus interview praised the experience of disaster reduction in

CCTV "focus" and praised the Xiamen experience is worth learning from Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) news (reporter Wu Haikui) last night, CCTV "focus" broadcast "Xiamen: the face of super typhoon" reported that the highly praised Xiamen science and disaster prevention and reduction, effective organization reconstruction, so in the face of the disaster to Xiamen the test, also provides reference for other areas of disaster prevention and mitigation. The report pointed out that the typhoon "Meranti" is the world’s largest this year, but since 1949 the biggest typhoon landing in southern fujian. In the face of the ferocious momentum, destructive typhoon Xiamen, accurate forecasting and timely warning, focus on defense, to protect the safety of personnel, and give full play to the military and civilian defense linkage, the loss caused by natural disasters to a minimum. In the post disaster reconstruction, the government and society, unite Our wills unite like a fortress. effort, rapid recovery of normal production and life. The report said the typhoon landed a few days ago, the Xiamen municipal government through a variety of media to the residents repeatedly sending a typhoon warning on September 14th, is to increase the transmission frequency, so as to improve people’s awareness. In order to ensure the safety of personnel, the Xiamen municipal government first issued a "stop a story three" order. The TV screen, the Xiamen Daily reported screenshot (micro-blog) newspaper, new media appeared several times on the typhoon. Through such a mobilization and propaganda, many residents began to reinforce the building, and store water and food. Rely on early warning is not enough, the report pointed out that Xiamen through early transfer, on-site rescue, the maximum guarantee the safety of the masses. From September 13th to 3 in the afternoon before the typhoon landed, within 36 hours, a total transfer of Xiamen sea and ground staff of more than 50 thousand people. Maritime police officers, one by one advised to leave fishing boat fishermen; land, community workers a lot of persuasion, finally put the dangerous area residents to move to safety, do not stay dead, not fall "; the cross sea bridge, traffic police risked his life, against the wind, rescued the trapped driver…… Reported by a vivid example, it brings the audience to the thrill of the transfer and rescue site. The report said, "Meranti" let Xiamen become unrecognizable overnight, once the large area water power, communication interruption, traffic paralysis. Xiamen launched the city’s districts and departments organize assault rescue team of more than 20000 people, to ensure that the rescue and relief work quickly and orderly. Not only the local government, the people’s Liberation Army, the armed police to resist typhoon and post disaster reconstruction work, Xiamen citizens also spontaneously join. "The typhoon blew down trees and overturned houses, is blown away heart", reported that because all staff are actively involved in the restoration work after disaster, let Xiamen the pace of life is not fast Leisure City, at an alarming rate back to its normal state. (Xiamen (micro-blog) – Xiamen daily (micro-blog) >);

央视《焦点访谈》盛赞厦门 减灾经验值得借鉴厦门网(微博)-厦门日报(微博)讯(记者吴海奎)昨晚,中央电视台《焦点访谈》播发“厦门:面对超强台风”报道,高度赞扬厦门科学防灾减灾,有效组织灾后重建,让厦门在大灾面前经受住了考验,也为其他地方防灾减灾提供了可借鉴的经验。报道指出,“莫兰蒂”是今年以来全球最大的台风,同时也是1949年以来登陆闽南最大的台风。面对这场气势凶猛、破坏性极强的台风,厦门精准预报、及时预警、重点防御、全力保障人员安全,并且充分发挥军民联防联动,把天灾造成的损失降到了最小。在灾后重建中,政府部门和社会各界众志成城、团结一心,尽最大努力迅速恢复正常的生产生活。报道中说,在台风登陆前几天,厦门市政府就通过各种媒体向居民反复发送台风预警,9月14日当天更是加大了发送频率,以此提高人们的防范意识。为了保证人员安全,厦门市政府有史以来第一次发出“三停一休”的动员令。电视画面中,厦门日报(微博)报纸、新媒体关于台风的报道截图多次出现。通过这样一番动员和宣传,不少居民开始加固房屋,并囤积水和食物。光靠预警还不够,报道指出,厦门通过提前转移、现场救援,群众生命安全得到了最大保障。从9月13日下午3点到台风登陆前,36个小时之内,厦门一共转移海上、陆上人员5万多人。海上,武警官兵逐一劝离渔船上的渔民;陆上,社区工作者多次劝说,终于把危险区域的居民转移到安全地带,做到了“不留死角,不落一人”;跨海大桥上,一线交警冒着生命危险,逆风而行,救出被困的司机……报道用一个个鲜活的例子,仿佛把观众带到了惊心动魄的转移和救援现场。报道中说,“莫兰蒂”让厦门在一夜之间变得面目全非,全城一度大面积停电停水、通信中断、交通瘫痪。厦门发动全市各区和各部门组织突击抢险队伍两万多人次,确保了抢险救灾工作快速并且有序推进。不仅地方政府、解放军、武警投入到抗御台风和灾后重建的工作中,厦门的市民们也自发地加入进来。“台风肆虐,吹倒了树木、掀翻了房屋,却吹不散人心”,报道称,由于各方人员积极参与到灾后的恢复工作当中,让厦门这个生活节奏并不快的悠闲城市,以惊人的速度恢复到了正常状态。(厦门网(微博)-厦门日报(微博))>相关的主题文章: