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The central bank in charge of the newspaper: the local government should shoulder the responsibility of local government regulation of the property market should assume the responsibility of market regulation Zhuo Shangjin in recent years, plays an irreplaceable role in the process in the real estate market regulation and control policy of local government, part of the city real estate market frequently fail, even through the "leverage" to implement the Zoupian this phenomenon to the inventory policy, local governments also have certain responsibilities. For example, in the national unified deployment of real estate inventory policy in 2016, first Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen first tier cities skyrocketing prices, followed by some second tier cities soaring prices. In the city, "the most expensive land purchase", "zero Shoufu", "daylight" and real estate for the purchase of the "divorce" leads to frequent chaos, land prices, housing prices rose rapidly, more and more people can’t afford to buy a house. Some people even came to the conclusion that the property market regulation, local governments can not assume the main responsibility, or not to the basic functions of the property market regulation to local government. In this regard, we should look at the dialectical from two aspects. On the one hand, from the perspective of economic law, the local government should effectively assume the basic responsibilities of real estate regulation. The real estate market has obvious geographical characteristics, which is determined by the physical location of commercial land and housing can not be decided by the mobility, at the same time, caused by the location of the land differential land rent and absolute rent difference, this also produced important influence. Therefore, the real estate prices in large cities are generally much higher than small and medium cities, even in the same city, the center city real estate prices are higher than the surrounding counties. Can the introduction of regulatory policy according to the national unified real estate market stage, its goal is to promote the national real estate market continued healthy and stable development, but the regulation policy can not be "across the board", is also very difficult for a city specific control measures. Each city should be targeted in the premise of compliance with national regulatory policies, according to their own characteristics to formulate and implement policies and measures. The implementation of the national real estate market regulation policy, in essence, is to require local governments to effectively integrate the national policy and the actual situation, the development and implementation of specific regulatory policies. On the real estate market regulation, the responsibility will eventually fall on the shoulders of the local government. On the other hand, from the actual results, some local governments do not really do a good job in the important role of real estate regulation. As mentioned above, "the most expensive land are frequent, the purchase of" zero Shoufu "," daylight "and real estate for the purchase of the" divorce "chaos, resulting in real estate prices repeatedly, rapidly rising, suggesting that some local government did not properly implement the central government macro-control policies and requirements. No well done to promote the stable development of the real estate market, to protect the health of the people’s livelihood, the goal of risk prevention. So, the next step, the local government should effectively assume the basic responsibilities of real estate regulation? First of all, the local government should effectively assume the basic responsibility of regulating the real estate market, a clear responsibility system, improve the reward and punishment mechanism. After more than and 10 years of practice of regulation and control相关的主题文章: