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The provisions of the eight Central State organs patrol feedback – Sohu announced the day before the news, the Central Discipline Committee announced the national Ministry of water resources, Ministry of Commerce and other 10 central state organs to implement the provisions of the spirit of the eight special inspections feedback. By inspection, the central state organs discipline work committee has filed 3, 6 party and government discipline, at the beginning of the nuclear problem leads 13, the transfer of 83 clues. The details are as follows: Water Conservancy Ministry of the central provisions of the eight spiritual refinement measures is not enough, also need to further intensify supervision and inspection efforts; "two responsibilities" does not have a compact compaction, implement the central provisions of the eight spiritual existence "problem under strict width, under the tight loose"; some subordinate units still exist beyond the standard payment of lecture fees, illegal subsidies, holiday costs, illegal use of the bus, exceed the standard use of office space and other phenomena; public asset purchase use the phenomenon of individual extravagance and waste of subordinate units; individual institutions meeting too much. Ministry of Commerce to implement the spirit of the central eight provisions are not thorough, ideological consciousness has not yet formed. The system of publicity is not in place, training did not keep up, Party members and cadres learn not in-depth and comprehensive supervision and inspection, there are blind; grass-roots party organization and discipline inspection organizations two responsibility to implement ineffective, some grass-roots party failed to timely disciplinary case, carry out the warning education, grassroots discipline inspection organizations active supervision consciousness is not strong, not the effective use of interviews reminder, etc. on the node found signs of violation; institutions, business associations exist wind in violation of the provisions of the eight mental problems, such as public funds, going abroad (border) illegal phenomenon still exists; some units illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and welfare. The Ministry of culture of some units to implement the central provisions of the spirit of the eight does not fall, some party members and cadres do not know the place, part of the party organization of the relevant system of propaganda and education is not thorough, the lack of education management cadres, some leading cadres of the party’s ideological understanding is not in place; "Wenshan sea" phenomenon still exists. All kinds of activities, the number of meetings are still more, more number of submitted documents issued; "three funds management is not standardized; some units still exist in violation of the provisions of the central eight mental phenomena, such as violation of the relevant provisions of conference management, based on the lack of subsidies etc.. The State Sports General Administration of relevant rules for the implementation of contents are missing, some measures are not closely combined with the actual, remediation industry unwholesome tendencies related regulations and measures is not enough; the execution is not strict, some meetings will exceed the standard, the presentation of documents too much; the central inspection requirements to the implementation of the rectification is not in place, heavy and light guide medal incentive education, some "four wind" the problem of hidden variation; some business development activities allegedly related transactions, there is a risk of independent; the implementation of the "two in place of responsibility", some Party organizations lack of construction of Party Building work, strictly perform the entire party from weakening, the main responsibility for poor. Some units China Academy of Social Sciences, the implementation of the central provisions of the spirit of the eight is not in place, part of the grass-roots party organization of the relevant system of propaganda and education is not enough, some of the leading cadres of party party control is not strict, some party members and cadres and scientific research personnel discipline consciousness is not strong, sense of discipline; some units lack of supervision over the use of scientific research funds management, public service hospitality statistics is not the end)相关的主题文章: