Changchun 2016 latest salary report exposure! What can you get for your money – Sohu to eat and drin-plants war

Changchun 2016 latest salary report exposure! What can you get for your money? Sohu and a little greedy delicacy! Great benefits are waiting for you! Changchun chowhound WeChat group public number cccht6 Changchun chowhound who is coming to the bowl. Then there must be people worry about joy so baby best prepared paper towel, wipe the tears recently "2016 older Spring City wages report" exposure (reminder: the data from the network, for reference only) the average wage is 3968 yuan, Changchun is, yes, small and drag TM you??? Make 20k-30k, I beg you to come, I have good are you male or female I don’t care I really don’t want to eat the small soil according to the "2016 old spring city salary report" to everyone on the payroll, in different grades, the usual daily diet eat respectively. What??? To look at myself in the condemnation which one grade ~? Changchun monthly income below 2K above shows, word accounted for 6.4% of the day, Xiao Bian earns less than it is hard to imagine how you live a life you parents know? What do you eat every day? How to survive? Do you have enough to eat? Wear the warm it? Just want to cry, Xiaobian borrow your shoulder must be strong ~? Changchun monthly income of 2k-3k, accounted for 26.9% is also estimated to eat every day and what to eat instant noodles and cheap things please Amway for me? Changchun earning 3k-4.5k, accounted for 25.6% of wages after all so much to be not every day, want to eat what to eat what can only occasionally eat a meal in daily life often only pick "high quality and inexpensive" such as eating noodles, Chongqing small noodles, Noodles with Soy Bean Paste, burning and chaos, rice noodles, spicy ~ or will not eat the soil? Changchun monthly income of 4.5k-6k people, accounting for 21.4% usually must eat well like to eat barbecue, the total string line, Hot pot, cheese ribs are small compared to what love to eat? Changchun monthly income of 6k-8k, accounting for 7.8% of the above what is Hot pot roast Unable to meet you you are not always eat Western food, Japanese material what small make up just want to say where? I want to quietly? Changchun earning 8k-10k, accounted for 4.7% of the more you welcome not only the usual string line, eat barbecue, Western-style food, feed, Hot pot every day and afternoon tea time? Changchun monthly income of 10k-15k, accounted for 3.5% of you went to the cafe to sit leisurely sipping coffee and drink with the most expensive apple notebook computer office in the coffee shop? Changchun earning 20k-30k, accounted for 2.9% of the rich silver or a lot of acridine do you eat every day is really what I guess even casually drink mineral water to drink at least Evian? Eat ice cream must be Haagen Dazs? And the point of super luxury package that will not be a ball, but the car will not be cheap so far, I have been very sad ~!相关的主题文章: