Changsha man million yuan in cash on the medial side of the bag is still grilled on the bus (video) wh60a

The man Changsha million yuan in cash inside pocket on the bus is still with the original title: million yuan in cash inside pocket, still picked Changsha evening news Mr. Zhao people carry 10 thousand yuan of money to take the bus, deliberately put the money on the inside jacket pocket, his hands have been folded. How he did not think that a pickpocket beside him to sit for more than and 10 minutes, then he ripped clothes stole all the money. Yesterday, the Municipal Public Security Bureau Public Security Changsha Management Bureau directly under the two brigade informed the series of pickpocketing. Police remind, winter is the annual high incidence of pickpocketing, people go out to strengthen the consciousness of anti PA. About 9:30 on November 3rd, Mr. Zhao in the Changsha ferry station to take the 368 bus Takahashi big market to purchase, carry 10 thousand yuan of money. He is wearing a wetsuit and woolen coat, after the car he put the money into the inside jacket pocket right, hands folded on his chest. Zhao vaguely remember, on the way to travel, a man carrying a big black bag in his right seat for a while and then get off the bus. But Mr. Zhao after getting off the bus, found himself in the right side of the jacket was drawn to a more than and 10 cm long hole, inside of the 10 thousand yuan has nothing left, he immediately reported to the police. Public Security Management Bureau directly under the two brigade of the police see the bus monitoring, initially identified the suspect is the name with black man bag, there are two suspects sitting beside lookout. Police investigation, the evening of November 5th to lock the 3 suspects foothold. The second day morning 9 am, 3 suspects on the 147 buses to start again dispatched police arrested by the pickpocket. Police also found their hiding place million yuan in cash and 7 mobile phones, the suspects are the last 3 days from the female passenger space steak. Police remind, many passengers on the bus or subway, get off before they are accustomed to playing mobile phone, the car often readily put the mobile phone in the pocket of the jacket, the pickpocket soon took. In addition, the rainy weather, the passengers get on and off the distraction umbrella or umbrella, more easily neglect property custody. Therefore, passengers should be mobile phone, wallet and other items into the inside pocket or a tight pants pocket, try to put a backpack or bag on the front line of sight range. Police remind the public that the winter, we wear clothes more and more thick, for carrying goods sensitivity decreased, we must strengthen the consciousness of anti PA, especially in the use of public transport and access to large flows of people should pay more attention to. (Changsha evening news reporter Nie Yingrong Zhu Qinxuan correspondent) recommended Video: the strength of the snitch"! The man on the bus to steal money trapped hands HANDRAILING jump out of the window相关的主题文章: