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[character] disaster for more than an hour   tramp over mountains and through ravines; they carry the sick villagers to seek medical care — Fujian channel — original title: [figure] disaster more than an hour to tramp over mountains and through ravines carrying their sick villagers to seek police carrying sick villagers across the road yesterday, Zhang Dehua Nan Cheng Zhen TA Dou Cun, 62 years old am calling to Nancheng station, thanked the police, enthusiastic rescue during the typhoon. Originally, in September 30th, the old man suddenly ill, in urgent need of medical treatment, only to be the township village road would slide block. In the family anxious occasion, Nancheng police station Zhang Yi and two armed soldiers and 1 cadres rushed to the town, carrying the elderly tramp over mountains and through ravines more than 1 hours on foot, finally sent him to the town hospital for treatment. The "catfish" typhoon, the only road south Dehua Road South to the tower, Cheng Zhen Dou Cun Zao Keng Cun for slide blocked. After the accident, the parties immediately rushed into the work. To ensure the safety of the masses and repair the smooth progress of the project, Nancheng station on the south road closed control, and arrange the police on duty shift. The morning of September 30th, police found an old woman standing on the edge of the cordon, looked very anxious, he asked. After understanding, the woman surnamed Zhang, is tadou village, her husband Zhang suffering from a sudden illness at home, have a fever, abdominal pain, very painful. Uncle Zhang struggling to come out from home, but was blocked by landslides in the mountains halfway. Aunt Zhang hurried from the county after that, over time, but there is no way to go. After being informed of the situation, the police station immediately reported to the town government, the organization of personnel rescue. Zhang Yi in the local police work for many years, more familiar with the staff, he offered the terrain, led the rescue. The old man’s condition is unknown, to save time, he led the 2 soldiers and 1 town cadres, braved the downward falling debris, scraped through the point of collapse. Safety after Uncle Zhang and he immediately made contact, that the other side has have a fever for more than a day, get from home to the point of collapse after exhaustion, and abdominal pain let him stand, let alone go through the dangerous point of collapse. Can not bypass the collapse point, climb from the top of the mountain? The mountains in the direction of the enemy, if the direction bias, will delay the treatment of the elderly. At this time, Zhang Yi learned from a nearby village, an old population, there is a path from the peak of the bamboo forest around the collapse point. 4 people immediately picked up the old man to the peak. Go not long, the old pain intensified, said of an aged person. In order to send him to hospital as soon as possible, the 4 took turns to carry the elderly, walked three or four km mountain road, and finally rushed to the town hospital. Upon examination, the elderly due to heat stroke caused by fever and abdominal pain, thanks to the timely delivery of the hospital, otherwise it will be difficult to delay it. Yesterday, the old man called Zhang Yi, is south of highway traffic. During the festival, he and his colleagues did not break the police station, has been adhering to the line to protect the safety of the masses travel. Reporter correspondent reporter Chen Minghua Pan Xinsha Zheng Wen / map Jianzhi (commissioning editor: Zhang, Wu Zhou?)相关的主题文章: