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Prenatal ultrasound showed that the twins, born after the result that the family was stunned – mother Zhang Haihe married Wang Xin Sohu imperceptibly, has been almost two years, they enjoy two of the world, is not anxious to have children. However, the elders can be anxious, especially the more than and 80 year old grandmother, waiting for her grandson, Zhang Hai’s parents also hope that they can go home "tim". See the elders so anxious, two young people decided to end the two world in advance, to a child. In April this year, Wang Xin appeared symptoms of pregnancy, they went to the city’s third central hospital for routine examination, the results of diagnosis of pregnancy for two months. To the surprise of the family, B ultrasound shows twins. "In the evening, our whole family was too happy to sleep, now are only children, only one child, and we have a child, how lucky ah! I was looking forward to the hearts of children if a man and a woman is more perfect." Wang Xin said. From that day, the king of the Xincheng home protection object, grandma and grandpa brought delicious, grandmother of care, Zhang is his wife as a treasure, one family immersed in unspeakable joy, wish the children soon. Zhang Hai did not think that the thing is not finished here. The doctor at Dazhigu hospital’s suggestion, Wang Xin went to the center of the maternity hospital, but the results to one family from the clouds suddenly fell to the bottom: the doctor by B ultrasound examination, suspected three children in two is connected. The results of that, mother Wang Xin began restless, the initiation of the idea of children don’t even. But she just revealed the idea to the family, was completely denied. "Never give up the child, let alone the middle child and a completely healthy, all is not healthy, we can not give up the child, now the child unborn, everything is not sure, maybe the children born healthy, they are our God gave a gift, never give up." Chang said that they have been holding a glimmer of hope, and even did not consult the doctor whether induction or after the induction of labor can not affect the health of the child survived". "We look forward to a miracle, at the time of the birth of the child, they are three separate individuals, healthy and beautiful." In August 2nd, Wang Xin to the center of the maternity hospital, ultrasound showed that three children vital signs were all normal, but at the end of a word is shocking: "F2 and F3 sacral is considered conjoined deformity." September 28th, Wang Xin once again to the hospital for examination, the doctor found that three children in addition to one of the two sacrococcygeal connected, other vital signs are still functioning, fetal heartbeat is very normal. "The child is so good, this is a small life has been formed! In any case the child should be born, even if no, but also to give them for a healthy life!" The child’s grandmother often aunt said. The child has not yet been born, often aunt and his wife went to Tianjin Children’s Hospital, Beijing Children’s Hospital and 301 Hospital of Beijing consultation, the doctors were in good faith to estimate the worst case, often aunt and his wife to listen more相关的主题文章: