Chen Bingbing visited the Anhui province Anqing Agricultural Fair Exhibition – local leaders — peop-winpm

Chen Bingbing visited the Anhui province Anqing Agricultural Fair Exhibition – local leaders — original title: Chen Bingbing to visit the Anqing Province Agricultural Fair Exhibition September 9th morning, mayor Chen Bingbing visited Anhui and visited 2016 China (Hefei) famous agricultural products and agricultural industrialization fair in Anqing exhibition hall, Anqing famous local agricultural products to promote. He stressed the need to promote good local famous agricultural products to attract foreign capital to invest in modern agriculture in Anqing. Vice mayor Zhang Xiaoqing accompanied by visits and visits. On the morning of 9, the Anqing exhibition hall full of people. In the old Chinese brand "Hu Yumei" exhibition hall, stop to ask in detail, Chen Bingbing. He pointed out that the time-honored brand should cherish the market acceptance and audience intimacy, continue to become bigger and stronger. Subsequently, Chen Bingbing one by one visit and inspection of the county (city) district famous leading enterprises of agricultural products exhibition. He pointed out that the provincial agricultural fair is a good window, Anqing foreign agricultural show good platform, a good opportunity, many enterprises actively participating fully reflects the city’s (Anqing city) to strengthen the opening, accelerate the confidence and determination to go out of agriculture. He stressed that the province should make good use of agricultural fair opportunity, the promotion of Anqing famous local agricultural products, improve the quality of agricultural products in Anqing local market influence, attention to the development of agriculture in Anqing, Anqing to invest in modern agriculture. At the same time, the industrialization of agricultural enterprises to further develop the deep processing of agricultural products, extend the industrial chain and increase added value. (Shen Yongliang) (source: Anqing News Network: happy, commissioning editor Qin Jing)相关的主题文章: