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Cheshen arrives! Changan Mazda " a centaur " engine racing car shock – Sohu on October 22nd -23, Changan Mazda " 2016 cheshen to challenge " the first station in Beijing resset motorsport center kicks off. Changan Mazda Mazda3 Axela angkesaila (hereinafter called angkesaila) and Mazda CX-5 to users and fans staged a fantastic sports feast. The fierce confrontation with the track as freely flowing style of writing manipulation, most incisive display of Changan Mazda " soul Gemini " the movement of genes and powerful performance, also highlights the vitality of young fans, Changan Mazda technology high courage, the courage to challenge themselves. Track two: achievement to participate in the challenge of cheshen cheshen dreams are hidden folk driving master. As the first round of the race car, angkesaila strength on professional track, " bend Prince " debut instantly lit players athletic passion. The contestants are eager for a fight in " bend, challenge, serpentine driving " display skills to the full two links. Thanks to the precise steering set-up, angkesaila the driver intention judgment sensitive throttle response actively, shift crisp, let the players enjoy the speed on the track caused by agonistic pleasure. In the Mazda CX-5 dominate the cross-country track, players will experience " Wenzhongqiusheng, " gate width limit, tramp over mountains and through ravines; challenge three links. For a 2700mm long wheelbase with the same level of 215mm maximum ground clearance of " a new realm of SUV", Mazda; CX-5 sensitive and precise control of the people would wonder. In the face of wading Road, bridge, sand road hump various complicated road challenge, Mazda CX-5 as brave cheetah, strong, steady and shuttle freely. " in the next game fun challenge, fate; gear, smart cube, cheshen matrix " complete release of the players’ driving passion. " destiny gear " especially test players driving precision cornering ability, with rich driving experience, quasi cheshen will angkesaila " palace; bending " take advantage of the most incisive. In the game, angkesaila chassis excellent toughness and stability into force control precision, perfect reproduction of " the unity of people and vehicles and driving ". Incomparable driving experience for amateur fans second professional racers, enjoy the passion of the track. A passion for games down, " soul Gemini " and Mazda CX-5 angkesaila completely captures the excitement. Soul Gemini: exclusive track for the keen track chariot duel fans, angkesaila and Mazda CX-5 is the perfect tool for lore. Mazda good genes can be traced back to Le Mans rally so far).相关的主题文章: