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Children do not conflict with your career! Which school should the Sohu choose? Should I call on the teacher in advance? If you want to send their children to kindergarten enrollment first? Should be reported to the child interest classes? How to teach your child…… After 80 parents based on their own growth environment differences, compared to 70 after the parents learn more awareness. Choose a large number of parent-child projects and parenting theory is confusing, super convenient purchasing sea Amoy also let us on the quality of child care products referred to an unprecedented height. Even after the mother offered to quit his job and devoted himself to the education of the children to. Quit the job does not mean that the "good mother", grasp the good education method, only the growth of children with. How can the 80 parents to have their own a set of rules on children’s education? This article will answer your questions. Tips1: helps children to accept new friends – "homework" children in elementary school, the whole family life will change. The child’s life began to have a thing called "homework", it seems to be the first Domino, can bring a series of changes. Many parents give up some of their activities, every day with their children to do their homework, hoping to develop a good habit of learning children. Round school, just as the other children had fun after school homework. We will begin supervision, later reached a tacit agreement with her father, we completely forget to write this thing, only about her business every day, let her play enough to write the homework. This time do not show the meaning of the blame for the child, or for the child to make a decision. It is human nature to be willing to follow their own ideas and reject orders from others. Therefore, in the process of cultivating children, in order to form a child’s sense of consciousness, but also to better perform his decision, should try to let the children themselves to think and choose. Even if it is the same decision, if it is not from the parents’ instructions, but from the children’s own wishes, he would be more willing to perform. Just on the primary school children, if he had not experienced preschool or kindergarten homework confused, if his pride was not hurt, he won’t agree to do the homework. Each school-age children have a sense of responsibility for the work of their own; as well as self-esteem and fear of criticism of the teacher, so that he will not give up the job. Later, yuan every day to go home from school are very conscious to finish the homework. Tips2: told the students how to do conflict parents often complain that the children do not know how to be patient, because of the one-child problem, or "spoil" problem. In fact, the fundamental reason is that the parents of the children involved in too many contradictions. Many parents can not see the children conflict. What happens between the child, the parents immediately come forward, it seems not to come to the responsibility, but also worried that others do not discipline their children. No need to intervene, or to be involved, one hand will put the conflict between the child stimulation amplification, on the other hand did not set aside for children learning to solve the problem of interpersonal relationship opportunities, third disadvantage is easy to let the children in point.相关的主题文章: