China Federation will be held 17 activities to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the establishment o

China Federation will host 17 events to commemorate the 60 anniversary of the establishment of Beijing – Xinhua news agency, Beijing, September 19 (reporter Luo Zhengguang) held a memorial meeting, published 60 years album, issued commemorative coins, produced and broadcast documentaries, overseas Chinese organizations, home to the theme of the forum held…… In the upcoming National Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese will usher in the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the occasion, the commemoration of the 17 will be held. 19 in Beijing held a press conference, China Federation vice chairman and spokesman Joe Wei said, China Federation of the 60 anniversary of the establishment of a series of commemorative activities ready. October 5, 1956, the founding of the Federation of Returned Overseas Chinese held in Beijing, has been 60 years. Qiao Wei said, in 60 years, the Federation Chinese correct leadership of the Party Central Committee, has a history of unusual, as the new China construction, development and reform has made important contributions. Approved by the central China Federation will hold a series of commemorative activities. Commemorative activities are mainly 17, namely: September 26th commemorative meeting was held in the Great Hall of the people; in September 27th held a national day and the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation Chinese conference in the Great Hall of the people; the compilation and publication of "60 years" album "Chinese Federation Federation" and Chinese an overview of 60 years "to the nine national congress of Returned Overseas Chinese by"; the people’s Bank of China issued Chinese Federation 60 anniversary plus the word panda coins; produced and broadcast twenty-first Century "maritime Silk Road" is a large public documentary "Taiwanese family"; shot and broadcast the documentary "Chinese Federation was established to commemorate 60 years of pure Wuzhou"; awarded honorary certificates to engage in the work of the Federation of more than 20 years held overseas workers; overseas Chinese hometown "large-scale cultural exchange activities; organization Chinese overseas Chinese International Promotion Association to visit overseas director held"; Good Chinese story, spread the good China voice "forum; held in the third world Chinese art and calligraphy exhibition; to organize overseas lawyers to visit the training; China Federation held the inaugural meeting of the charity Committee; held" Chinese entrepreneurs "series of activities; and China Federation released on-line version of the official website; the opening Chinese Federation public micro signal re revision; to achieve" the work of the Federation "magazine. Qiao Wei said that the 60 anniversary of the establishment of the Federation is an important milestone in China, in the new journey, Chinese Federation should not only review the glorious history of the past 60 years, but also further summarizes the experiences and the Federation leadership of the party and people’s organizations to carry out overseas Chinese Affairs and good practices and good ideas; to further clarify the Federation of new mission, new task and a new challenge facing in the new historical conditions; further mobilize the enthusiasm of the Federation, at all levels and the General Federation of workers’ initiative and creativity, to maintain and enhance the Federation political, advanced, the masses, to further develop the Federation contact a wide range of advantages, with unity and efforts of overseas Chinese people inside and outside the territorial waters the struggle for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation China dream.相关的主题文章: