China hit discount card competition about new spoiler net car market triggered at any moment 9c8921

China hit discount card competition about new spoiler net car market discount card playing spoiler network triggered at any moment in China about the car market source: AFP     Metropolis Daily News Metropolis Daily News (reporter Huang Yongjin) by the excellent step after the merger, the network about the car market brewing new competition. Yesterday, the Shenzhou car said U+ open platform strategy, invite qualified private car owners are free to join, and promised not to extract any fees. At the same time to increase subsidies for passengers, will recharge 100 back to $100 to raise the cost of a taxi back to the top 50 yuan back to $20. Shenzhou car according to the published content, to meet the "no criminal record, more than 3 years of driving experience and no serious traffic violation records" condition of the driver can meet the standards of the vehicle through the articles of WeChat access U+ open platform. The platform will use face recognition and virtual security numbers and other technical means to ensure customer safety and service experience. Vehicle standards, the price of 150 thousand yuan or more, the age of less than 5 years old, the local license, no major traffic accidents, no bubble water, the appearance of no flaws, interior more than 80% new. Lu Zhengyao, chairman and CEO, said in June last year, has been built into an open platform, choose the right time to launch is expected to free flow. The Shenzhou car also hit 100 charge back to 50 yuan fare playing activities, compared to the previous 100 charge back to 20 yuan discount compared to greater efforts. In this regard, another network about the car platform is easy to respond immediately, hit the maximum charge 100 back to the full section of the ad. The industry believes that China because of its own vehicles have long been criticized heavy assets. The open platform will greatly reduce the proportion of private cars, and hope to win more users by private car. Enter the Sina financial stocks] discussion相关的主题文章: