China Insurance Regulatory Commission regulatory risk insurance act to guide the stock investment to-sichen

China Insurance Regulatory Commission to regulate the risk of investment in compliance with the action of the people to guide the stock investment to stabilize the exposure of the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! CIRC funds Department recently issued the "notice on strengthening the insurance mechanism and the concerted action of stock investment regulatory matters related to the (Draft)", intends to venture capital and concerted action to participate in the acquisition of listed companies placards, the behavior of the implementation of more stringent regulatory measures. Analysts believe that the regulatory policy aimed at blind investment in the management of insurance funds, insurance funds, insurance investment guide follow prudent investment philosophy, exclude certain shareholders of insurance as a financing tool for behavior. "Draft" on the insurance company and the concerted action of people to invest in two cases of the implementation of different regulatory stocks: general stock investment and major equity investments. The insurance agency for the acquisition of listed companies, should be in advance to Chinese materials submitted for approval of the CIRC; insurance institutions for the acquisition of listed companies, more than 20% new shares shall use their own funds; insurance and non insurance institutions shall not be acting joint acquisition of listed companies; the insurance institutions involved in the acquisition of listed companies, the implementation of the provisions the relevant regulatory agencies. This venture capital investment in the capital market. For example, the current Qianhai life and its concerted action Boland Department of Vanke’s investment has more than 25%, with significant stock investment criteria, in addition to the relevant information to the CIRC for record, the subsequent investment can only use its own funds, not the use of premium income. This is a major investment in stocks and stressed that the report is to strengthen the disclosure and supervision of insurance stock investment, emphasizing the prudent prudent major equity investments." Huatai Securities analyst Luo Yi pointed out that these policies are mostly norms rather than restrictions. Pay close attention to the capital market in the high-profile venture capital placards acts has incurred regulators. "Recent investment behavior has deviated from the principle of the use of insurance funds to the service industry, the insurance funds become the major shareholder of the" concerted action ", the insurance fund investment blindly to some unrelated industries, completely deviated from the prudent investment philosophy, has become truly" insurance "." Chen Wenhui, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission recently stressed the importance of industry risk. Soochow securities analyst Ding Wentao pointed out that part of the private capital will leverage the insurance license as a platform (malicious) acquisition or snatch control, but not the insurance company itself as the subject of sustainable management, the future will become the focus of regulators to limit behavior. In the analysis of the view, the insurance business insurance word for the first, its funds have long-term, affordable features, in today’s low interest rate environment to do a good job of asset liability matching, prudent treatment. However, in recent years, the insurance business and the structure are becoming more and more complex, and the financial attributes of insurance have been increased. Luo Yi pointed out that this year, from the regulatory side to strengthen the regulation of the short life of the renewal of life insurance management, while strengthening the disclosure of equity investment, investment in the asset side of the scope of the way, regulatory theory相关的主题文章: