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China Insurance Regulatory Commission requires insurance companies to submit 15 self inspection content of venture capital, including the use of the risk of exposure to the Sina fund platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, the performance of long-term lower than similar products, how to buy a fund pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! CIRC requires insurance companies to submit 15 self-examination content spread risk, liquidity risk, the CIRC also requires insurance companies to submit to spread risk prevention response – reporter Su Xianggao "Securities Daily" reporter recently learned exclusively, China CIRC on September 18th issued the "notice on the insurance agency" two two, strengthen the work of self-examination and containment "look back reporting matters (Inspection Bureau letter 2016 No. 339)" (hereinafter referred to as the "notice"), requires insurance companies to submit 15 items of self content, including the personal insurance market interest spread risk, liquidity risk, insurance funds risk etc.. All aspects of the self governance of Institutional Firms involved in insurance, submit items included 24 items, subdivided into a number of items in the inspection points. For example, in the use of insurance funds to self-examination and subdivided into 40 items, more than compliance check points, including major projects investment decision, stocks, equity and real estate investment business effectiveness of internal control, normative channel services and overseas mergers and acquisitions risk etc.. To spread the risk response notification requirements, including the self-examination of corporate governance and risk control, the use of insurance funds, solvency risk, product risk, liquidity risk, personal insurance interest spread risk and prevent illegal fund-raising and expenditure, the insurance consumer complaints and petitions of major group incidents, five virtual insurance and life insurance five "virtual", professional insurance intermediary organizations governance, risk management, insurance case effectiveness, look back at work, risk prevention and control effectiveness of self-examination and other 15 items. Notably, the notice clearly requires insurance companies to spread risk, including the average cost of debt in the first half of this year, the annual investment rate of return, and the deadline for self-examination whether the spread loss has occurred (if any, need to specify the emergence of interest spread loss of stock business corresponding statutory reserves (actuarial provisions caliber) at the end of June. The amount and proportion of representing the entire reserve). Prior to the announcement, Chen Wenhui, vice chairman of the China Insurance Regulatory Commission published a signed article said that from the industry situation, the end of the assets and liabilities prominent contradictions. The main performance is: the contradiction from the static perspective, is the risk of interest loss caused by the high cost of debt; from the dynamic perspective, the high cost of debt forced to form a high risk of aggressive investment, is likely to lead to greater risk. The first is the spread loss risk." Chen Wenhui said that at the same time, the rate of return on assets, but the rapid growth of the scale of industry premiums. Along with the scale of growth is the high cost of debt, some universal insurance settlement rate reached 6%, plus fees, commissions and other expenses, the cost of capital in 8%, or even higher to 10%, so the high cost of capital, has far exceeded the bonds and other fixed income assets income level. In view of this, the notice requires insurance companies to report the spread of the risk of loss prevention measures, including the establishment of the theory相关的主题文章: