China research range 3 thousand km stealth cruise missiles from Fujian hit

Research Chinese stealth cruise missile has a range of 3 thousand km from Fujian to Guam aviation industry is a system engineering, a lot of people do not understand this, especially for those who say "is the core of the engine, the other technology as" a shell what is difficult ", not useful heart is no basic knowledge. The excellent -20 flight and aerodynamic characteristics has laid the foundation for the excellent five generation fighter, also receiving enough improved redundancy, dedicated to the one or two sub system and deny the great progress in other aspects of China aviation, rather it is characteristic of care for this and lose that aviation industry system engineering, in the air show and we can see many exhibits, behind can show some "little secret". For example, AVIC engine hall "1600kw turboshaft engine", is actually a straight -20, can be regarded as straight -20 at the Zhuhai air show for the first time in addition to model shows part of the real thing". 1600 kW turbo shaft engine, T700 engine and the latest variant is another example, aerospace science and technology exhibition hall, "the unknown flying wing UAV hiding under CH-4 UAV model. It is likely that the "Rainbow" family of the next generation of flagship model concept model. The "Rainbow 4" under the wing of the mysterious wing at the show, there are some things worth noticing. For example, the "cloud" UAV, the aircraft in flight performance ahead of UAV most current international market, the machine uses the -11C turbojet engine has low high fuel consumption rate, 14000 meters in height can be 620 kilometers per hour speed 6 hours of flight, the thrust is 10KN. This has been a very amazing performance. According to reports, cloud shadow UAV has the ability to attack itself, if necessary, it is a super remote super heavy cruise missiles"…… But if we recall, will think of the machine as well as "brothers", is to use two 5kN thrust turbofan engine "version". Because of the turbofan engine, the machine’s life, especially in the low life time should be at least not weaker than the "cloud", "voyage at least not less than 3600 km level clouds". Exhibited at the 2014 airshow version of UAV model to compare the domestic and foreign similar engine, we will know that 5kN is not a simple small turbofan. U.S. stealth cruise missile AGM-129 Williams F112-WR100 turbofan engine thrust is the level. AGM-129 missile as a kind of and F-22, leading to the same kind of Chinese Russian missile generation equipment, in 2007 by the then U.S. Defense Secretary Gates to cut off…… Even though the U.S. was planning to stock 460 pieces of this type of missile extension to 2030. Therefore, we do not stop for the F-22 thank Mr. Gates, do not forget there is AGM-129. AGM-129 missile weight of 1300 kg, a range of up to 3700 km, flight speed of 800 km. The missile uses infrared and radar stealth design, the main consideration is to break through the Soviet MIG -29, MIG -3.相关的主题文章: