China to host the World Cup title is more reliable 2030 can let go of a

China to host the World Cup title is more reliable? In 2030 the country foot can let go of a Bo will be preparing for the 12 match information times dispatch (reporter Zou Tian) into the World Cup — is not only on the 12 of the race China’s desire is Chinese fans collective appeal. According to the French "equipe" reports, Chinese Football Association vice president Zhang Jian said in an interview, I hope Chinese’s bid for the 2030 world cup. Prior to the national development and Reform Commission under the leadership of the Chinese football in the long-term development plan (2016~2050), proposed by 2050 to achieve the goal of first-class football. For Chinese football, the current 8 billion super began to enter the stage of fire, but the distance between the country and the world cup is still very far. Chinese’s short term by virtue of its own strength to enter the world cup prospects uncertain, but if Chinese successfully bid for the world cup, so for Chinese football and related industries, will be a positive and exciting news. "All the China fans all have a dream, is hosting the world cup, FIFA, the implementation of the rotation of hosting the world cup, to avoid the same continent two times continuously held the two session of the world cup, so China to host the 2026 World Cup almost impossible (the 2022 World Cup held in Qatar)" in an interview with Zhang Jian say. Because Qatar has successfully bid for the 2022 World Cup, 2026 World Cup will be if there is no accident in American countries held by Qatar defeated in the 2022 World Cup bid in the process of the United States, and put forward a joint bid for Uruguay and Argentina, are hot. Compared with the Olympic Games held in China from all continents paries, FIFA on the World Cup host country selection is more flexible, the famous sports scholar, Beijing (Zhangjiakou) bid for the Winter Olympics that Consultant Yi Jiandong earlier in an interview, Chinese’s bid for the 2026 World Cup opportunity is not big, but he believes that the 2030 world cup can just do it he thinks, 2030 is the 100 anniversary of the world cup, and China is the birthplace of football, the World Cup bid for hundred years very memorable. Zhang Jian also expressed the same wish in the interview, I certainly hope that this time (the world cup) a little earlier, but we also have to respect FIFA rules."相关的主题文章: