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China will build 12 aviation emergency mapping support area — Environmental Protection — the newspaper Beijing on 11 September,     (reporter Liu Shiyao) reporter from the State Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information to understand: "13th Five-Year" period, China will be basically completed 4 hours to arrive in 80% of the land and sea, covering the emergency point surveying and mapping system. According to the National Basic Geographic Information Center Director Feng Xianguang introduced, in order to strengthen the national aviation emergency surveying and mapping ability, will build 12 national aviation emergency mapping support area, key equipment of high performance UAV aerial surveying and mapping emergency system. The concept of 4 hours, refers to the high performance UAV flew to the disaster scene from security base time will not exceed 4 hours. In addition to strengthen emergency comprehensive surveying and mapping security, National Bureau of Surveying and mapping geographic information in the "13th Five-Year plan" period, to promote the new basic surveying and mapping construction, the construction of modern surveying and mapping system to speed up the development of land and sea, complete satellite navigation and positioning base station of upgrading Beidou satellite navigation and positioning, and built the country more than 2500 sites scale base station network. In strengthening the aerospace remote sensing image acquisition and management, plan for the future implementation of better than 2.5 meter resolution satellite images every year a comprehensive coverage of land, China’s access to 5 million square kilometers of better than 1 meter resolution image. At the same time, it is also planned to increase the intensity of aerial images in urban areas better than 0.2 meters. "People’s Daily" (09 2016 12 August 16 Edition) (commissioning editor Li Nanhua and Jiang Qi)相关的主题文章: