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Chinese 055 ship three segment closed to be installed and the original title: Chinese bow hangar 055 ship three section has to be installed and a closed hangar type 055 destroyer since March 2016 since the Jiangnan Shipyard slipway open flight, nearly half a year, the construction plan is still in the middle of everything in good order and well arranged. After the ship three large sections in two months ago were closed, part of hull midship section. The Internet exposure of 055 destroyers built process according to the latest pictures show, the aft hangar section and bow segment also has entered the yard. Section should have expected midship midship section 1-2 block, etc. all after molding can be segmented with bow and stern of the closure, in order to achieve through the ship, turn into the superstructure of the building stage, according to the existing schedule, you can have the first type 055 destroyer launching conditions in 2017 years. Online exposure pictures Loom Type 055 destroyer hangar double as a ship loaded with a displacement of more than 10000 tons of large destroyer, designed by double hangar is beyond doubt, it can meet the needs of multi task. But the difference is that the current domestic double hangar design destroyer is mainly type 051B and type 052 a total of 2 type 3 ships, reason is limited to hull width, although the hangar design of double door, but in the end, two helicopters are still to be in the same hangar. The hangar type 055 destroyer it is two completely independent design, do not interfere with each other, the middle compartment was separated from. According to the development plan of the Navy, the two hangar must be equipped with the current all destroyer helicopter active naval service in the future will include 20 Navy straight. In addition, believe that these two independent hangars can also flexible mix, such as a frame for anti submarine, another plane for early warning and rescue, or using one of the UAV is equipped with independent hangar, believe the ship will be equipped with a complete set of Shipborne UAV command system, perform some low the intensity of the investigation or attack missions. And the type 052D destroyer, the bow of the destroyer’s use of a line design, after the 054A type frigate on the part of the flare design although improved seakeeping eupelagic, but in actual use, large flare also affects the stealth performance of ship body. At present, the navy in the destroyer is widely used on line design, the design did not cause adverse effects on ocean navigation performance. Finally, it is not difficult to find that China’s existing large tonnage destroyers in the basic 7000 tons or so, even if the early introduction of China’s modern Russian destroyer was only more than 8000 tons. The construction of the type 055 destroyer started the construction of the Chinese destroyer into a ten thousand ton mark. At present it is equipped with weapons are mature existing weapon systems, the foreseeable future will China naval shipborne weapons have a qualitative leap, it was improved and the construction of the type 055 destroyer in the platform, is the future strategy of the real main naval ocean. (authorship: camouflage sent WeChat service number: micaipai)相关的主题文章: