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Chinese academic papers and fraud? On behalf of company and the Brazil SCI magazine cooperation "gold" – a Brazil Sohu culture channel SCI journal published a number of articles with a similar Chinese contributors paper, paper uses the same chart, the same research object, reached the same results. From the medical science literature published in Britain China paper discuss large scale revocation in just one year, China academic fraud has once again been exposed. In September 20th, the famous American English thatmust website PlagiarismWatch home page report "science paper company and fraudulent periodical collusion China scholars". The contents of the report up to dozens of pages, detailed disclosure of the contents of the fraud to monitor the paper. The incident was exposed, once again shocked the academic community. Medical University Of Chongqing distinguished research fellow, National Natural Science Foundation of the expert Dr. Tan Xinjie in the earliest scientific translation of the entire report online. "This is the world of science and the history of the largest so far English fake papers and SCI Journal of cooperation Chinese grab money, and relates to China scholars and defiled China research and thesis the reputation of the event, the monitoring results of the shocking disclosure." Dr. Tan Xinjie said. The event originated in a reader to the PlagiarismWatch website for anonymous reporting a Chinese research group article (file number: GMR7730) have serious suspicion of plagiarism, so PlagiarismWatch website staff use iPlagiarism software system (Chinese Name: Ai Pulei, is the world’s only Chinese computer software copyright certificate English articles plagiarism check brand comparison) the paper found that the existence of a large number of text plagiarism, up to 1/3 per cent. The number GMR7730 paper is found to coincide with a large number of other papers. Only one article plagiarism is not what big news, however, when the PlagiarismWatch site staff will be the first of this paper and check results in EPPs Lei software is similar to the literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio as high as 11%, the paper also comes from the author China) for careful manual chart comparison, surprise that article two table 2 and Figure 2 are basically the same. GMR7730 papers and the results of the first survey of the highest proportion of similar articles using the same figure 2 and table 2. Two papers used in Figure 2 and table 2. Then the staff will be second of the papers and check results are similar to those in the literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio of 3%, the paper also comes from the author Chinese) manual chart comparison, found that two articles in Figure 3 are basically the same, especially the flow cytometry results. GMR7730 papers and the results of the survey of the second highest proportion of similar papers using the same figure 3. But more than that, will continue to third this paper and review results in similar Literature (the highest proportion of single similarity ratio 3%, derived from the same author China) manual chart comparison, figure 3 is still consistent, flow cytometry results. "相关的主题文章: