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Chinese director Lin Yibin Chushoubufan   "Star Trek 3"   first weekend 200 million – entertainment channel — original title: "Star Trek 3" first weekend 200 million 2 thousand and 16 year film market is obviously not as good as last year, this year’s box office lost billions, until August still in a placid state. However, the audience is clearly not depressed, good-looking movie is still a big suction gold, will immediately make the box office data rebound. This movie is probably the Hollywood sci-fi film "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars", as the world’s most expensive production costs of the film, the film released the first weekend in Chinese, box office that exceeded 200 million yuan, and by three consecutive days of single day box office champion result warlords, also created the first week of September China the weekend box office record. More people in the industry said, "Star Trek 3" at the end of the first week in September to promote the national total box office reached 340 million, not only the "explosion universe", also deflagrated shadow city. The first weekend box office top champion "market driven by the strong record breaking 3 Star Trek: beyond the stars" released in September 2nd on the first day to about 65000000 day topped the box office, becoming the "Star Trek" series released in the mainland box office to restart the highest, the next breakthrough billion mark stride forward singing militant songs is no suspense. However, in this summer’s no explosion, the market downturn in the cold environment, the release of the professional forecast Saturday at the box office is only 73 million, but the "Star Trek" broke 3 forecast to about 80000000, with 57% of the box office in 37% row piece for the Saturday movie market, Sunday is still unabated. The first weekend box office total of over 200 million yuan, not only successfully aroused the audience’s enthusiasm, also injected a booster for the downturn in the market. According to professionals, 19 to 30 year old young viewers have become the backbone of the viewing population, because the students back to school and other reasons, the film market in the first weekend of September will usually be significantly affected, reflected in the box office, the history of only one ticket real only billions of dollars. "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" to promote the China in September at the end of the first week at the box office first reached 340 million, the history of a new high box office. One critic said, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" not only "beyond the stars", beyond the first two series of restart, but also beyond the historical performance at the box office, the momentum of menacing. Lin Yibin himself also star fans, details of fans moved whirlwind tears from 1966 to 2016, the "Star Trek" has been over half a century of the journey, and its "ultra high quality life and growth in nature, content, making the world thriving and prosperous" have a big ticket than a "Vulcan salute" Star Trek. Fans. In this context, the "Star Trek" series of the most commendable thing is not to know! Whether it is great realistic picture effects, or let the adrenaline hurricane the rhythm of the story, "Star Trek 3: beyond the stars" are enough to give the audience a surprise. Even have never seen the "Star Trek" series of audience, also soon attracted by this story, the "Star Trek fan)相关的主题文章: