Chinese social networks spread to middle age and older people over 55 years of age-bleep

Chinese social network spread to older users over the age of 55 [TechWeb] double reported on February 15th news, according to the global research giant Kandar released "Chinese social media impact report" shows that in Chinese, social media use rate is constantly increasing, the use of social media is expanding from young people in the city to smaller city, more age groups of people. Research shows that in 2015, the use of social media in China took place at all ages. Consumers aged 16 to 25 are still the most use of social media groups, an increase of 18.7%. Interestingly, the 36 – 45 year old consumer groups are also increasing rapidly, an increase of more than 20% years. Social media usage among consumers over 55 years of age increased by 4.7 percentage points, nearly doubling. In 2015, WeChat was still the dominant player in the field of social media in China, and its usage rate continued to grow. Its utilization rate reached 75.9% in 2015. It has been in the first place since it beat QQ space in 2014. The share of QQ space began to decline sharply in 2013, but still occupied two place, micro-blog was second runner up. EMarketer estimates that at least 481 million 500 thousand people use social networks each month, accounting for 35.4% of the total population.

中国社交网络扩散到中老年 55岁以上用户翻倍   【TechWeb报道】2月15日消息,根据全球调研巨头Kandar发布的《中国社交媒体影响报告》表明,在中国,社交媒体的使用率正在不断的增加,社交媒体的使用正在从大城市里的年轻人群扩张到更小的城市、更多年龄组别的人群。   研究表明,2015年,中国社交媒体的使用行为发生在所有年龄段。16岁到25岁的消费者仍然是最多使用社交媒体的群体,同比增长18.7%。有趣的是,36—45岁的消费者群体也增势迅猛,一年内增幅超过20%。而55岁及以上的消费者群体的社交媒体使用率增长了4.7个百分点,增幅接近一倍。   2015年,微信仍然是中国社交媒体领域的霸主,使用率连续增长,2015年的使用率达到了75.9%,自2014年打败了QQ空间后一直处于第一位置。QQ空间的份额从2013年开始大幅下滑,但仍然占据二位,微博获季军。   据市场调查公司eMarketer估计,中国每月至少有4.815亿人在使用社交网络,占总人口的35.4%。相关的主题文章: