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Chongqing property market welcomed a number of hot real estate traded small peak Qi prices near the Kim Gu property market in Chongqing last week in the closing stages, multiple news began to get angry, thirteen new records of new flats new this year, a number of projects in daylight, is to let the market have some "restless atmosphere". Thirteen new real estate volume and price according to Sheng city real estate market research data to incomplete statistics, last week to open a new project with a total of 13, a record high for the year. From the analysis of personnel management in Chongqing Rui said, nearly two weeks, the national market warming, Chongqing affected by the trade and price factors, foreign investment group actively under the fork, the property market in Chongqing traded small peak. Data show that in September 18th -9 month period of 24 days, the main city commercial housing turnover price, turnover of 484 thousand, rose 160%, the average transaction price of 7481 yuan rose to 3% square meters. A number of projects opening is sold out from the end of the data, the most obvious change is to the rate of increase. Last week launched a total of 1986 sets of houses, the turnover rate of 74%, while the previous average of less than 50%. The most obvious is the day CD again. Located in the North Road, Financial Street Rongjing City, opened in September 24th to launch 300 suites, the day sold out. In the house of CAI G City, 24, launched 24 sets of elevator house, by improving demand in favor of the day was robbed. According to the reporter, the financial view, the introduction of the housing is 53.89-82.44 square meters of small apartment layout, set the price at 11000 yuan square meters, than the previous rise about 500 yuan, still received a rush around the local property buyers, the purchase of the main customers from the Jiangbei District, mainly concentrated in the age 28-50 years old, home customers accounted for the main. "Worried about the property buyers to start the first price speculation." One property buyers said that the final decision or early start as strong. Located in Xinpaifang Hengda Yudu will launch 88 sets of high-level, on the first day to 81 sets; located near Central Park Jinmao International Eco City, launched 199 sets of high-level, on the first day to 181 sets in the Zhaomu mountain area; construction mountain county, launched 154 sets of high-level, on the first day to 142 sets, several projects that are close to the sun. Have the highest sale rose 1200 yuan square meters in the face of the market hot and showings increased enthusiasm, many developers issued a price limit order. In September 23rd, hyupshin star will announce that all the listings rose across the board in September 26th, 3%; Chongqing Tiandi products rose 2%, the reason is to ease the pressure brought by a large number of customers and sales; Hua Yu also announced the same day all products in Chongqing area, based on the current price on line up 2% – 5%. In addition, Wang and said Jiangshan international raised 300 yuan square meters, MediaTek estate announced that happy project price go up 2%, Kan green project price up 1%. The first real estate announced in the sale of products across the board price increase of 3%, Guosheng estate announced in the sale of products the average price increase of 200 yuan square meters. Phoenix Bay declared a full sealing disc, 7 all the remaining houses rose 1000 yuan square meters, is located in the Dadukou jiazhao"相关的主题文章: